Should Attorneys Have Immunity When they Lie in Court?

By: Joyce & Gracemarie Tomaselli
March, 2021

An Act to strengthen rules governing attorney conduct; penalties for misconduct. SD.2236

Presented by Senator Diana DiZoglio (By Request)

We, Joyce Tomaselli and Gracemarie Tomaselli, know and have great respect for the many honest attorneys who take their oath seriously as “Officers of the Court”.

We filed our petition Senate Bill SD. 2236 because it greatly concerns us that the opposing attorneys, in our case, were deceitful to the judges so they would win! They know they have “immunity”.

No attorney should ever be protected by Absolute Immunity or Qualified Immunity when they have intentionally violated their oath. We truly believe that no one is above the law.

This legislation is of great public importance to preserve the integrity of the judicial process.

Our hope is that this legislation will help other Massachusetts residents to NOT go through what we have gone through in our quest for justice. We have lost so very much.
We learned the hard way that Massachusetts does not have an adequate statute to protect its residents against attorneys who win in court because these attorneys committed fraud on the court, in other words “lied” to the judge(s), intentionally misrepresented facts and case law to deceive the court or any opposing party. In our case, the opposing attorneys were “granted absolute immunity”.

Several states have chosen to enact similar legislation specifically permitting civil actions: Arkansas, California, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Wyoming.

It is time for Massachusetts residents to have the same protection!

Please share this Senate Bill with your friends. We are asking for your support by contacting your Senators and Representatives to support this extremely important “Act to strengthen rules governing attorney conduct; penalties for misconduct” because it affects every person in Massachusetts.

If you want to provide testimony at the public hearing regarding this petition, you can!
This Act has been docketed as SD.2236 until a bill number is assigned; the legislation can be tracked by the docket number, including information regarding the committee to which it is eventually assigned and a public hearing with an opportunity to provide testimony regarding the petition.