Show your I.D. to vote: protect the process


By: Ralph Zazula – October, 2010

Ralph Zazula, Show ID to Vote
Ralph Zazula, Show ID to Vote

A bipartisan citizen’s initiative called “Show ID to Vote” has been created in Massachusetts to address fraudulent voting across the USA. Through increased awareness it seeks to improve the integrity of the vote in the upcoming elections this November and beyond. By simply suggesting that voters voluntarily Show ID when Voting, they are helping people to better understand the issue of voter fraud. At the same time they are showing how simple it will be for poll workers everywhere to check voter ID’s the way it is required by law in several states.

Each State determines their own set of rules and regulations for voting. Identification in Massachusetts is required to be in possession of every voter, but it is seldom requested. As a result this means that anyone can assume the identity of any voter and cast an illegal ballot. Anyone can Google “voter fraud” and see the thousands of reports of elections impacted by voter fraud. As citizens we must insure the integrity of the voting process. Massachusetts laws do not prevent people from voluntarily submitting their ID when voting.

Show ID to Vote is a grassroots movement with a presence on the Internet and can be found at, facebook/ShowIDtoVote, as well as on twitter. A video was recently released on youtube showing how easy it is to Show ID to Vote! The video features Tom Weaver of Westford as a caveman voting with a touch of humor applied to a very serious threat to the basic right of a citizen to have one vote count per legal voter. The video lasts under two minutes and makes the case for proper ID’s.

The Show ID folks are trying to get people involved. Show ID to Vote asks local people to take a photo holding their photo ID up to their face. The people can submit the photos by email to or on facebook. The photos are displayed on the facebook/ShowIDtoVote supporter page and can be “tagged” to express plans to Show ID on election day.

Show ID to Vote needs thousands of people to create a groundswell that will spread the message over the next thirty days. The message is Show ID to Vote! After the election the organization plans to continue working on vote fraud related issues.