Six Years Later Obama is “Transforming America” ~ Valley Patriot Editorial




It seems like there is a new scandal every single day highlighting the neglect, incompetence or corruption in the Obama Administration.

The Obama-lead IRS targeted people for their political beliefs to get revenge for opposing Obama’s politics. They purposely targeted conservative activists in a move that would make Richard Nixon green with envy.

The Obama Justice Department routinely persecutes political foes of the administration and tapped phones, read the emails and invaded the privacy of (among others) Fox News journalists and reporters at the Associated Press.

Under the Obama Administration, the National Security Agency was caught tapping phones, reading emails of American citizens, tracking cell phone locations, spying on ordinary Americans, and storing everyone’s social media entries, text messages and voicemails in a government database.

There was Fast and Furious, where the Obama Administration allowed guns to be sold to arms dealers and drug lords, one of which was used to murder a border patrol agent among countless others.

There is the concentration camp Obama and the Democrats have established for Latino children who are being abused and neglected while in his care.

Then there was Obama’s classifying of the Ft. Hood Muslim terrorist attack as “workplace violence” in a scheme to defraud our servicemen the healthcare and other benefits they deserved. Then there was Benghazi, Libya, his retreat from Iraq and his arming Al Quaida terrorists in Syria and Egypt. 

President Obama’s supporters in the news media distract and deflect the public from each scandal with phony excuses and attacks on their critics. Racism, blaming the Tea Party, George Bush, the Koch brothers, republicans, and evil the 1% are the scripted responses to any criticism of the Obama administration.

We blame President Obama and the democrats who support him. Including the so called news media which seems to act more like his own public relations firm that referees calling balls and strikes down the middle. 

After all, President Obama did promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America.” Some of us took him at his word. We can barely be surprised that a man who worships Eastern European liberalism would spy on the press, the public, curtail free speech, open up the jails, open the borders, borrow more, spend more, appease tyrants and terrorists and obsess on social issues like abortion, and gay benefits while ignoring real threats.

That’s what Eastern European socialist (aka modern day liberals) do. They are ideologues that despise American military superiority, blame America for the ills of the world, have disdain for Israel and are hostile towards traditional American values. On that charge one only needs to look at the two most recent scandals involving our veterans to see that it is true.

The Obama Administration has been exposed for keeping secret waiting lists, and abusing our veterans at the VA Hospitals. The president was well aware of the conditions at the VA and did nothing about it.

In fact, Obama’s policies made it worse.

But the icing on the cake was releasing five Muslim terrorists from GITMO. These modern-day Nazi’s are leaders in the fascist Taliban. Their stated aim is to exterminate the Jews, destroy the U.S., and force the world to convert to Islam, or die. 

Political rhetoric and excuses aside, six years into his presidency we are starting to see the beginnings of Obama’s grand, national transformation.

The results are: servicemen getting picked off at home, then being abused at the VA, the deconstructing of the constitution, Iraq in a civil war, terrorists being freed, more dead Americans, attacks on the free press, free speech, decimating the military at all levels, siding with our enemies and betraying our friends.

That’s what Obama stands for by his own actions.

That’s what the national Democrat party and the American “news” media stands for by their own actions.  But you the voters chose Obama because he told a good story and the media championed him as a messiah.

Now the voters know he is no messiah, he is a disaster.

Next time we hope they will choose more wisely.