Snowflakes Weep Over Cop Killer Photo ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (May, 2018)

31466747_10216088727636614_4202457677583876096_nLast month John Williams murdered a Somerset County Sheriff’s Department Corporal named Eugene Cole in Norridgewock, Maine. Corporal Cole was a 13-year veteran of the department. His son is also a Somerset County deputy.

The murder of Corporal Cole touched off a nationwide manhunt after it was learned that he was arrested a few weeks earlier in Haverhill on gun charges, but set free by yet another out of touch Massachusetts judge.

Despite the political rhetoric about guns in Massachusetts, you can pretty much commit any crime you want with a weapon and most of the time you will still be free. That’s because our feckless government officials talk a good game when it comes to guns, but do absolutely nothing to make sure those who illegally use them are actually removed from our streets.

The murder of Corporal Cole was savage. That’s because the man who murdered him was himself, a savage. And yet, when police finally located him in the woods of Maine and took his photo for identification purposes, (see photo at right) those who empathize with criminals, decried the treatment of this killer as “undignified.”

One Democrat took to twitter (mind you this person works in the “news”) whining that, by the police taking such a photo it made them “no better than he is. The police are supposed to be better than that.”

This is the reason Corporal Cole is dead today. And it’s the reason there will be other Corporal Cole’s in the future.

There are far too many people in positions of power in the media and in our government who believe that police taking a photo of a murderer in an unflattering light makes them “no different” than a violent hard-core killer with no soul and no respect for human life.

They are dangerously out of touch with the reality of what happens on our streets, with their armchair fantasies about how real people are supposed to respond to real danger and real evil every day. Yet, they know nothing of these dangers much less how to combat human evil. They willingly give aid and comfort to evil men who laugh at their fantasies and continue to victimize the innocent.

We are tired of this nonsense permeating our government and media, and dictating how our officials deal with such human waste like John Williams.

In fact we are disappointed that John Williams was taken alive at all. Death is the only solution for animals like this.

Now that he has been captured he will surely continue to victimize others and maybe even take human life yet again.

‘No, no,’ the criminal sympathizers in the media will cry. ‘He should be put in jail where he can’t harm anyone ever again’ – as if being in jail means he has no access to other humans to victimize. Surely, John Williams will still be able to victimize jail guards or other prisoners while incarcerated. And maybe, just maybe, our system will fail yet again – as it did with Dominic Cinelli in Woburn, or William Rodriquez in Lawrence – and John Williams will be freed on some technicality, or let out by some out of touch parole board to kill again in the future.

Rest in peace Corporal Cole and thank you for putting your life on the line to protect us from animals like John Williams, animals that far too many people in power prefer to side with … over your life.