So, You Say You Support the Troops?


 June, 2006

The al Quaida network and the enemies of the United States (as well as their willing dupes in the American news media) are working overtime, trying to turn the Iraqi and American people against our brave and dedicated soldiers serving in Iraq.

 This psychological warfare is specifically designed to paint all of our honorable men and women in uniform as cowardly murderers in much the same way that John Kerry did during Vietnam.

 And now that the news media has turned public opinion against our political leaders, phase two of the terrorist strategy is to turn the people of the U.S. and the world against our military heroes themselves – by making allegations that our troops are routinely “murdering innocent civilians.”

 This is where we find out who really supports the troops and who is paying them lip service while stabbing them in the back.

 What is most revealing is that those who do not agree with our mission in Iraq (news reporters and editors included) laughingly say they support the troops but not the war.

 Yet, any time there is doubt about the actions of our servicemen and women in the field, they eagerly give the benefit of that doubt to America’s enemies and then go into a frenzy to paint our own troops as guilty of heinous war crimes.

 They also aid and abet the terrorists who depend on this type of media propaganda in their strategy to demonize the U.S. and portray every isolated “incident” as an example of how our troops are murderous thugs and are only in Iraq to torture and kill innocent Muslims.

 Accusations against our military men and women, like the ones now being alleged in Haditha, are just that, accusations.

 And, just as we should question the credibility of those who make a criminal accusation in a courtroom, we should also take into account the credibility and motives of those who are trying to wage psychological warfare against our troops and our mission.

 It’s quite obvious that there is a concerted effort by some American politicians and members of the news media to turn the mission in Iraq into “another Vietnam,” complete with allegations of atrocities and a mantra that “we can’t win in Iraq.” But Iraq is not Vietnam.

 Our men and women are voluntarily risking their lives to secure that nation from a terrorist network that admittedly targets civilians and has long planned to weave dissent here at home to erode our strength and effectiveness.

 We know for sure that this is the strategy of our enemies. They have openly bragged about it as early as Saddam’s Hussein’s prediction before the invasion, when he said, “Iraq will be this president’s Vietnam.”

 We expect this kind of spin from our enemies, but to hear the same propaganda coming from U.S. Senators, Congressmen and so-called news editors only perpetuates the terrorist propaganda against our own government and our own troops. One thing for sure. Disgraceful and damaging conduct like this certainly shines the spotlight on exactly who is supporting our troops … and who is not.