Software Company from Lawrence Aid for Regions Merchants

By; Tomas G. Michele

Lawrence, MA — Ever since the public health emergency was declared in the United States on January 31st, 2020, businesses began to experience trade differently. Stay-at-home orders affected the clientele influx into establishments, gathering prohibitions diminished their sales, and the lack of contingency plans and processes troubled their survival rates while dealing with the “new normal” context.

Business owners began to experience novel challenges that required, software solutions they did not have access to.

Meanwhile, Universum’s CEO Maxwell Hernandez, founder of a company that develops point of sales hardware and software to help businesses manage and facilitate the sales at the physical location, but also, to streamline operations where the goods are sold, saw opportunities in challenges that needed to be addressed. Requiring him to go the extra mile to serve his existing customers and those that were heading his way, given the government shut down orders.

The Universum 10-members team operates in a small and competitive industry, with merely 140 registered businesses in the U.S. Although major players such as Square Inc. and NCR corporation have the strongest presence, these companies fail to address the diversity the technology market requires.

Whether in the field of retail, hospitality, or healthcare, the Universum teams’ goal is to promote efficiency with ventures’ operations, while empowering its managers and owners to gain proper insight into what’s coming in and out of the business. This will allow business leaders from all capacities to make better decisions, understanding simple things as what products have the highest demand, seasonality implications in revenue, and preparing in advance for daily tasks. “Once a business in an industry sells a product, their clients just become a number, and we want to defy that model,” says Max; wanting to become a fundamental part of the companies that Universum serves.

Max understands the complexity that his job entitles so he is ready to provide support to individuals of all backgrounds and technological proficiencies. Not only with the hardware onsite installation, but also by performing follow-ups, and teaching the clients to read and interpret the data generated by the business.

Since the technology industry is in constant influx, such changes alter procedures, regulations, and guidelines, hence the U-team has educative tools and resources such as demonstrative videos, to instruct their constituents on best practices, and constantly update them on operations as required.
As unemployment in the state of Massachusetts was the highest in the whole country during June with 17.7% and July with 16.1%, according to reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Coronavirus pandemic forced the government to halt economic interactions, affecting businesses, employment, and lastly people’s livelihood. Unemployment insurance is running out for the beneficiaries, and merchants that relied on a clientele influx to their establishments, are losing revenue. Creating a relationship with customers that is warm and mutualist, is Max and his team’s main goal. Helping Universum clients to be successful with their business endeavors, regardless of the circumstantial factors affecting their enterprise.

According to a report from IBIS World, on the POS Software development industry, the demand for POS software is expected to increase, and large multinational conglomerates will acquire smaller companies to gain access to niche markets they currently can’t access. POS companies will have a strong growth in upcoming years, providing a significant amount of employment as its services become imperative for entities to function, during the COVID-19 pandemic and afterward. Max’s goal is to continue growing Universum from an interstate business to a national one.

While providing innovative, yet simple and effective software solutions, Universum creates user-friendly platforms and promotes fair pricing for credit card processing; avoiding lengthy contracts which the busy business owner does not have time to sit and learn. Max also states that he takes into account customers whose English is not their first language, making sure they are comfortable and worry-free every step of the way in their relationship with Universum. “Yes, I have heard countless times over and over customers say they have signed contracts with providers without knowing what they are getting into. We don’t keep the community we serve in the shadows; we help them grow.”

For more info: Universum HQ is located at 360 Merrimack St. BLDG 9 STE 150, Lawrence, MA Website: ◊