Solomon: I Feel Vindicated – City of Methuen Accepts Judgement Against it, Agrees to Settle Parts of Solomon Suit

By: Tom Duggan – March 24, 2013

SOLOMON3Methuen Police Chief Joe Solomon has reached a settlement with the city in his federal lawsuit claiming he wrongfully terminated during the Manzi administration. Solomon will be paid $100,001 plus legal costs in a judgment against the City of Methuen accepted by the city’s lawyers.

The settlement was finalized today and brings an end to only two counts (part 1 and 2) of the federal lawsuit Solomon filed against the city.  In 2008 Chief Solomon was fired as punishment for misuse of federal weed and seed community policing grants. The civil service commission reduced his punishment to a one year suspension. 

“The City of Methuen has accepted a judgment against itself where they admit that I did nothing wrong,” Solomon told the Valley Patriot in an exclusive interview. “I was offered a lot more money earlier on but I rejected it because it was never about the money, it was about clearing my name and showing that my civil rights were violated for personal and political gain when they illegally fired me. This does that, it is an entered judgment in federal court against Bill Manzi and the City of Methuen.”

Solomon said that despite reports in the Eagle Tribune this does not bring the entire case to a close.

“This only settles count one and two, there are still other aspects of this case that need to be resolved but this is a good sign. They have accepted a judgment against them and I settled for a lot less than I could have. I’d like to think this can all be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction very shortly and we can all move on.”  

The City of Methuen has filed to dismiss their country claim against Solomon.