Some New Year Thoughts for 2012

By: Jeff Katz – January, 2012

In 2011, the third House Speaker in a row, here in Massachusetts, became a convicted felon and is now a guest at Club Fed for the next seven years or so.

A few lesser Massachusetts politicos also traded their given names for assigned numbers this past year, as well. Sadly, those events don’t make it a special year. We’ve all gotten used to the Bacon Hill bottom feeders doing for themselves first, last and always. Sweetheart deals abound here in the Commonwealth. As long as you are part of the one party which exercises one party rule, you should be okay. They only ask that you check your ethics at the door. Most of their party members seem perfectly okay with that.

To effect real change in our Commonwealth, we desperately need real leaders of the opposition. We need a Republican Party ready, willing and capable of contesting every seat at each election. No exceptions. We need passionate, honest and dedicated people willing to stand up and not only fly the flag but folks who will lace ‘em up and put on the foil. In Massachusetts, politics is a full contact sport and we need to play to win.

2012 will see us with fewer Congressional seats. I suppose it is sad to lose 10% of your Congressional delegation but in the case of our state, the only thing better than cutting 10% of the usual suspects would be to cut 20% or maybe even have one of those 50% off sales that are so popular right about now.

In addition to the Congressional seats, a U. S. Senate seat is going to see a major battle. We’ve got local races and a little election for President too. As we head in to the year, I’ll get in to individual races and candidates.

The Greater Boston Tea party has just elected a new leader. My congratulations to Christine Morabito on her election. She is a consistent conservative, in love with the Constitution and ready to stand for our nation. She is a true Tea Party patriot. I have high hopes for her.

The Massachusetts GOP also has a newly elected leader. Robert Maginn has donated major bucks to democrats like Deval Patrick and Chuck Schumer. Maginn is now in control of the State GOP and its operations. He is a solid Mitt Romney guy and will undoubtedly devote a huge amount of time and effort on behalf of his patrician patron.

The mission of enrolled Republicans should be to ensure that the MassGOP fields candidates for every open seat and provides resources for all, not just one or two. Maginn’s conservative bona fides are questioned by many and his donations to extreme leftists do nothing to alleviate fears held by many.

Who knows? Perhaps 2012 will see the Grand Old Party reach out to the Tea Party and achieve some real victories for the people of Massachusetts. What can I tell you? I always feel warm, and fuzzy and hopeful around January 1st

Happy New Year!