Sometimes It’s True

By: Jeff Katz – October, 2016

It seems that every Presidential election is accompanied by hyperbolic statements like it’s the most important election in our history or this election will truly decide the direction of our nation for generations to come. Most of the time, those are just comments designed to gin up support for one candidate or the other but this time it seems that they are true. What we do in November really will decide the future of the once great United States of America.

On the one hand, we have Donald Trump -.a man who, like most entrepreneurs, has had some swings and misses over the years. His business activities have usually ended up on the positive side of the ledger and have created jobs for thousands. He certainly talks a good game about bringing jobs back to America but even he has chosen to manufacture all of his, and his daughter’s, clothing overseas instead of here in the United States. If he won’t do his own manufacturing on American soil, I’m not sure how he intends to prompt other companies to do so, but at least, he seems quite sincere about his desire to empower homegrown business.

There is no doubt that over the years Trump has been prone to some wild comments and bizarre conduct. His behavior through the primary was appalling much of the time but he has gotten clearer and more focused the closer we’ve come to the election. I still get the sense that he’s quite comfortable in the WWE mold but I also feel that he’s come to understand that there are much bigger issues at play. I stand by my initial assertion that at the beginning of the campaign he was not really running to be President of the United States. I continue to believe that his initial foray into the political world was designed to help push a new book and a new season for his television programs. Like all that he has done over the years it was to build the Trump brand. There can be no doubt that Trump’s ego is at play in this campaign but I sense a profound change in him. He’s grown by leaps and bounds, surrounded himself with brilliant advisers and seems more passionate about helping others than anyone else in this race. I fervently believe that he looks at his children and grandchildren and wants to give them a brighter future.

I confess that I held out high hopes for the Libertarian Party team of Gary Johnson and Bill Weld. With two highly regarded former governors on the ticket and such widespread serious trepidation about the major party nominees, it seemed like 2016 was the year for the Libertarian Party to break through. But with both Weld and Johnson continually exposing their weakness on national defense and border security, the fact that they are on the right side of so many issues just does not mean all that much. As jihadi terrorists are slaughtering Americans with a growing degree of regularity, the quest to put a chicken in every pot just does not seem all that important by comparison.

What about the woman who would be President? Hillary Clinton has spent her entire life working tirelessly on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Her quest to be the first woman ever elected President of the United States is finally within her reach. I know it’s become vitally important in our country to secure firsts these days, even as they come at the expense of the bests but is it so important for our daughters to see a woman in the Oval Office, that we elect Hillary Clinton? In the past I have examined Hillary Clinton’s public life in detail. As The First Lady she stood by while her husband openly shamed and humiliated her and their young daughter. As a Senator from New York she was able to get a postal facility renamed. As Secretary of State, she aided and abetted President Obama to embolden and strengthen America’s enemies. She’s demonstrated over the years that she is capable of the most callous disregard for human life imaginable. She’s willing to lie about anything and everything and is genuinely insulted when anyone dares to ask her a question. She rails against Wall Street but has lined her own pockets with their money. Aside from her pathetic performance on the public stage and forgetting for just a moment her outrageous email scandal, one need only look at the lies she told about her own health to get a sense of what she is really all about to her very core.

We have a choice on November 8th which will shape what happens in the United States for generations. The Supreme Court will have many openings and those justices ultimately decide what happens as we move forward. The standing of the United States in the world will be decided. To survive as a nation we must combat terrorists at every step of the way. To be a nation we must have clearly defined and defended borders.

Do we want someone endorsed by generals and admirals? Do we want someone who thinks that Aleppo is the lost Marx brother? Do we want someone who could not even be bothered to shed a crocodile tear for those four Americans killed as a result of The White House’s smug disregard for their well-being?

It’s true that we are stronger together. It’s heartwarming to think that love trumps hate. It is imperative that we make America great again.