State Police, Lawrence Police, Essex Sheriff’s Deputies Arrest 26 in Zero Tolerance Operation

The Massachusetts State Police, Lawrence Police Department, and Essex County Sheriff’s Department Friday night conducted a Zero Tolerance Initiative in Lawrence that resulted in 26 arrests.
Units made 26 arrests, one for trafficking in a Class A narcotic and another for possession of a Class B narcotic.

The male charged with trafficking was found in possession of 400 pills divided into four packages of 100 pills each, as well as two cellular phones and more than $3,000 cash, all of which was seized.

Three suspects were charged with possession of fraudulent drivers’ licenses or state identification cards. Two of those had Massachusetts license or identifications issued to an alias used by the suspects; their real identities were determined through their fingerprints.

Thirteen motorists were charged with unlicensed operation, while six others were charged with operation after license suspension.

Police issued one criminal summons.

The operation was a coordinated effort undertaken by the MSP Troop A Community Action Team, the Lawrence Police Impact Operations Unit, and Essex Sheriff’s deputies.

State and Lawrence Police appreciate the participation of the sheriff’s deputies, who provided prisoner transport, bilingual capabilities, and site security for the staging area. Deputies transported two arrestees held on no bail or high bail to the Essex Sheriff’s facility in Middleton for housing pending bail or arraignment.