STEAM Presentation at Hampstead Academy

Hampstead AcademyHampstead – On Tuesday, April 21st, Hampstead Academy hosted a presentation by Kyle Scofield, IT Manager at Technology Seed, to talk about the future of careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM). The presentation provided students with an opportunity to hear about the ever-changing world of technology and participate in some hands-on demonstrations.

Mr. Scofield encouraged students to be adaptable to the evolving use of technology and try to understand how these changes can benefit the various professions. Careers that have not been traditionally associated with technology such as fashion and healthcare industries are now relying more and more on technology. For example, wearable technology has become a big hit in the world of fashion. Music is another industry that relies heavily on technology. In the healthcare field, there has been discussion about how the future of 3D printing can be utilized to print prosthetics, dentistry and casting.

To help liven the discussion, students were given the opportunity to witness the printing of a finger using a 3D printer and create their very own mix tapes and music demos using an HP Sprout.