Students Deserve to be Educated in Financial Literacy

By: State Rep. Ryan Hamilton – 3/24

Congratulations to the Valley Patriot on their 20th anniversary. I appreciate the opportunity they give me every month to inform the residents of Haverhill and Methuen about what is happening on Beacon Hill.

As we enter the month of March, I’d like to wish everyone a happy St. Patrick’s Day and, hopefully, an early spring.

This month, I wanted to update you on our financial literacy bill featured in a previous Valley Patriot. Two months ago, our financial literacy bill, H4199 had a hearing of the Joint Education Committee. Considering the bill was a late file and not guaranteed a public hearing, we were delighted that it received one.

We had over 40 people testify in favor of our bill, from high school students to the Massachusetts Banking Association to residents of the Commonwealth, who believe that our students deserve financial literacy. We have assembled a grassroots movement of people from all corners of the Commonwealth to pass financial literacy.

The students who testified on this bill were inspiring.

Their passion for financial literacy is unmatched. They understand that it is difficult to get ahead in an ever-changing world if you do not know how to make sound financial decisions.

Unfortunately, for those students who testified, this legislation will most likely not benefit them as they will be out of high school by the time this legislation is passed and implemented. Yet they still use their voices because they want the next generation of students behind them to get a financial education. Their selflessness is simply inspiring.

The bill currently lies in the education committee, which is being re-drafted and will be ruled out favorably. Again, this is inspiring news as it moves the bill further to becoming law in Massachusetts. Part of our goal in getting this bill passed has been spreading the word through all our local media outlets and other statewide news sources.

In February, I went on GBH Channel 2 with Julie Beckham from Rockland Trust and student Jimmy Merino from Chelsea! Crystal Haynes interviewed us. The YouTube link is below to watch the full 15-minute interview.

I wanted to remind everyone that budget season in the State House is upon us. For any group looking for state resources, don’t hesitate to contact me or my office; we would be happy to walk through that process with you.

Lastly, I want to remind everyone that on Friday, March 22nd, the Valley Patriot is hosting its BASH to benefit local students who will receive significant scholarships to help them attend college. This year, I donated to the scholarships for a student from Haverhill High School, Whittier Tech, Greater Lawrence Tech, and Methuen High School.

I would ask all those who can to donate to these scholarships. The price of college continues to rise, and the more these students receive scholarships, the less they have to take out student loans. I commend Tom and the Valley Patriot for supporting local students in the Merrimack Valley!

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact my office with any ideas, concerns, or questions at or 617-722-2090.” ◊