Success in Teamwork!

By: Santiago Reyes Cruz, Jr.

Some of the most victorious memories in our lives will come from moments of unity when we worked together with our friends and family in order to accomplish a common project or a common goal. The task could’ve been as simple as setting the family table for dinner or as large & complex as organizing a community event for the entire neighborhood! The size of the task didn’t matter; what made it meaningful, beautiful & important was the fact that it was completed as a Team by all parties involved.

As we enter 2021 I want us all to meditate on this idea of “TeamWork”. I want us all to leave the bickering behind in 2020. Let’s remember all of the great achievements and the beautiful moments we’ve shared as a nation by working together as a Team & Family. Disasters like the Boston Marathon Bombing, 911 & Pearl Harbor were all overcome simply because of Teamwork. The past proves our enemies fall like small ants when Americans work together.

Therefore during these last few weeks of 2020 prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually to become a Team Player once again. Prepare yourself to help out more than you did in 2020 for the sake of the Nation, it is depending on it!

Are you a True Patriot?

re you going to become a Team Player for Success? H

ow will you help the Merrimack Valley?◊