Sweet Paws Rescue Has Saved More Than 20,000 Animals ~ KANE’S KORNER

By: Kane ~ 03-23

March 27, 2023 is a perfect example of having boots on the ground saving three abandoned, actually dumped on the side of the road puppies. Kane wants you to take a close look at the picture below.
These three lovely volunteers from Sweet Paws Rescue, including founder Cynthia Sweet are holding three puppies who have escaped the grips of a certain death after being found dumped in a box. Kane says.”

Thank you ladies you are an inspiration to me and all dogs who were saved by a rescue or shelter.” So let’s dive in and learn more about Sweet Paws Rescue.

Kane, a rescue pup himself, had the pleasure of interviewing volunteer Laura Howes, and Marketing Manager Josie Daigle from the Sweet Paws Rescue. What caught Kane’s eye is this rescue has saved more than 20,000 animals since Cynthia Sweet founded Sweet Paws rescue in 2011. Sweet Paws Rescue (SPR) is a registered non-profit animal rescue based in Massachusetts. They are a grassroots, boots-on-the-ground, shelterless, foster-based and volunteer-powered organization. (sweetpawsrescue.org)

Kane learned from Marketing Manager Josie Daigle that people were not the only ones struggling with the long term effects of COVID but animals have been suffering as well. In fact the hard reality is the combination of COVIDand inflation has created a sky-rocking number of animals being surrendered, abandoned , and an increase in cruelty and neglect cases.

Sweet Paws Rescue is a trusted partner with several Animal Control Officers on the front line of identifying animals in need. SPR is mostly volunteer powered, which makes this 501C3 Non-Profit stand out from other rescues and shelters.

In fact Sweet Paws Rescue has approximately 100 foster care homes and 400 volunteers. SPR welcomes additional volunteers, dog and cat supplies, and donations to pay for medical attention to meet the immediate needs of pets in the community, including lifesaving surgeries and treatments.

Josie explained to Kane that their dedicated volunteers have recently been walking dogs in their care several times each day, while waiting for a foster care match. These animals have often been emergency cases needing immediate safety and shelter. Laura Howes, dog walker and transport volunteer stated, “I take the pups for daily walks, and provide them with the attention and play time they desperately need. Without the volunteers these dogs would go without the basic care they deserve.“

The high cost of pet care has created a dangerous precedence where dogs and cats are not being properly cared for. Animals are experiencing lack of medical care and malnourishment. This made Kane sad to hear about the number of homeless pets locally. To be honest this part of the country often prided itself on having a much lower homeless pet population than our southern communities, but things are rapidly changing. Laura Howes explained to Kane that she had driven a transport van to Virginia where she meets members of the southern team with a van full of dogs and cats on the way to Sweet Paws for a better life. The soon to be pet family members are transported to the isolation facility for 48 hours. Laura stated , “the dogs are next transferred to foster care or their forever home. Laura told Kane she loves to put the pets in the van and tell them, ‘have a sweet life’.”

Josie explained before COVID SPR was taking 5 to 15 local (MA) dogs a year and more recently, it has been 5 to 10 local (MA) dogs a week, in addition to our continued efforts in the south which recently totals 800 to 1,100 dogs a year. When Josie says providing services, she means life-saving medical attention, foster care, and much needed love and affection after these animals have experienced trauma and tragedy. Many animals would have lost their life without the immediate intervention of the rescue. Kane has much gratitude for the hard work of volunteers working in the rescue.

Kane asked Laura about her experience volunteering. Laura stated “It’s been extremely rewarding volunteering with Sweet Paws. Ever since I was young, I have always had a deep love inside of me for animals. At Sweet Paws Rescue I am able to give this love to so many dogs who need it. They are so resilient, after everything they have been through and this makes me smile. I am making a huge impact helping save these dogs’ lives. I have also loved meeting like-minded people at Sweet Paws and have made so many new friends. We bond over our love for animals and this is something I cherish and look forward to every day!”

This type of important work cannot be achieved without the dedication of loyal volunteers. Please, for the love of animals without voices, donate, volunteer, or foster. Grass root organizations like Sweet Paws Rescue saves lives one animal at a time.

To donate or get involved contact http://www.sweetpawsrescue.org/contact

Thank you Sweet Paws Rescue, we see you and love what you are doing!

Kane Peaslee, Woof
Columnist, Valley Patriot◊