Social Security, Retirement, and Employment Law

Social Security, Retirement,  and Employment Law

By: Attorney Timothy Stark – June, 2014 Since Social Security and various retirement and disability programs are at least, in part, funded through employee payroll deductions, I thought it might be helpful if this month’s column provided a brief history of the programs and some simple explanations as to how they work. The Social Security […]

Bullying in the Work Place

By: Attorney Timothy Stark – April, 2014 Clients often come in to my office to talk about a boss who uses intimidation, anger, or other aggressive behavior to manage their employees. They usually begin by explaining how stressful and unpleasant the working environment is, and they describe egregious conduct by the boss that makes it […]

Non-Compete Agreements in Massachusetts

By: Attorney Timothy Stark – January, 2014 Covenants not to compete are contracts provided to an employee by an employer that are intended to limit and/or restrict an employee from working for competitors after the employment relationship is terminated. They are sometimes given to the employee at the time of the employment offer, but in […]

What is the Mass Commission Against Discrimination?

By: Attorney Timothy Stark – December, 2013 The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (commonly referred to as the “MCAD”) was established to enforce M.G.L. c. 151B, often referred to as “The Fair Employment Practices Law.” The MCAD is a part of the Executive Branch of the Massachusetts state government. If an employee believes they have suffered […]