Against Bullying? Start with Walmart

Against Bullying? Start with Walmart

  By: Christine Morabito – July, 2014 After years of harassment by special interest groups, Walmart is fighting back. As with most bullies, the claims they make have less to do with reality than with bolstering the tormentor’s self-esteem. This was evident in Timothy Egan’s New York Times op-ed, June 19, 2014, entitled “The Corporate […]

Bullying in the Work Place

By: Attorney Timothy Stark – April, 2014 Clients often come in to my office to talk about a boss who uses intimidation, anger, or other aggressive behavior to manage their employees. They usually begin by explaining how stressful and unpleasant the working environment is, and they describe egregious conduct by the boss that makes it […]

Police Investigate Middle School Death Threats

By: Tom Duggan – April 2008 NORTH ANDOVER – Several North Andover Middle School students are being investigated by the North Andover police for personal profiles posted on the America On Line Internet service threatening to harm fellow students and naming at least one teacher and a classmate the student pledges to “kill.”  These threats […]