Rep. Lyons Calls for State Takeover of Lawrence, Removal of Lantigua

   By: Tom Duggan – September 17, 2012 In the wake of two more members of the Lantigua administration being indicted last week, State Representative Jim Lyons, (R) Andover, is calling Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua’s administration a “corrupt criminal enterprise” that should no longer be enabled by the state taxpayers.  Lyons says that the corruption […]

The Road to Beacon Hill is Paved with Mediocre Intentions

  By: Karin Rhoton – June, 2012 Somehow the rhetoric never changes, even though the calendar does. Another year has gone by and still the taxpayers of Massachusetts continue to fund pet projects of politicians instead of funding services and programs for the communities in which they live. Still the taxpayers have not seen the […]