Moody’s Downgrades City of Methuen’s Bond Rating to A2

Councilor Kannan Says Methuen Needs Mayor who will Stabilize Methuen’s Finances (OTHER METHUEN STORIES) Moody’s Investors Services, one of the nation’s top bond-rating agencies, has downgraded Methuen’s bond rating, citing the city’s dependence on state aid, a lack of new revenues, and having too little cash in its reserves. The report cited specifically “The downgrade to A2 reflects the […]

Congratulations are in Order in Methuen Election Victories

  By: Diana Fay DiZoglio – November, 2011   Senator Steven A. Baddour told the Valley Patriot on election night, “Congratulations to all of the winners in Methuen’s municipal elections. I am very proud that there was a diverse ballot of candidates this election. When concerned citizens put their name on the ballot, they show […]