Congratulations are in Order in Methuen Election Victories


By: Diana Fay DiZoglio – November, 2011


Diana Dizoglio
Diana Dizoglio

Senator Steven A. Baddour told the Valley Patriot on election night, “Congratulations to all of the winners in Methuen’s municipal elections. I am very proud that there was a diverse ballot of candidates this election.

When concerned citizens put their name on the ballot, they show the community that they are truly concerned about the welfare of the City of Methuen. I look forward to working with our community leaders on the issues that face Methuen every day.”

“Congratulations to all of the winners. This is an important time in Methuen politics and an important time for our future. We have some new blood and I am looking forward to working with everyone,” said State Representative Linda Dean Campbell.

Mayor Bill Manzi commented, “It was a great night for Methuen. Congratulations to Mayor Elect Zanni. He did a great job and worked very hard. Also, congratulations to the council candidates. I think that we are going to have a great new council; best of luck to everyone!”

Our Mayor Elect: Stephen N. Zanni:

During his victory party at The Merrimack Valley Golf Course, Mayor Elect Zanni commented, “I feel great! I am elated of course although we are going to have a lot to do over this next month. Right now, I am just really happy and look forward to being a mayor for all of Methuen.”

Our City Councilors-At-Large:

Unsurprisingly, Jennifer Kannan topped the ticket for City Councilor at Large with 5033 votes. Jennifer Kannan, in what will now be her third term, plans to make public safety a top priority and to fully support MHS renovations. “I will do my best to make Methuen a great place to live! To everyone who went through this process from June through today, I congratulate you for your hard work for the residents of Methuen”, said Kannan.

Joyce Campagnone came in 2nd with 4724 votes and stated, “I know that the voters had a big selection to select from and I want to thank them for electing me in, once again. I am glad to have another opportunity to serve the people.”

Michael E. Condon trailed closely behind with 4633 votes. “Thank you. The weather was beautiful yesterday and it was a great a great day. We are really excited,” said Condon. He had been driving around town on Election Day in a big red van, with his campaign sign taking up the length of the van. He had a catchy jingle, written about Methuen, blasting from his outside speakers as he beeped and waved at bystanders. “We try to liven things up. People are standing around all day. I am from the old school and campaigning is supposed to be fun!”

Our Central District Councilors:

Lisa J. Yarid Ferry made out with 1,234 votes, which put her in first place. “All of my hard work paid off and the voters heard my message. I will do my very best to be there for the people of the central district; that’s my priority. These are my neighbors, my friends and the people closest to my heart,” said Ferry. During her victory party at The 1859 House in Methuen Square, Ferry proceeded to get up to the microphone with her band and sing a few celebratory tunes.

Following in 2nd with 976 votes, James Atkinson stated, “I want to thank everyone who supported me on this campaign–especially my family.” Mr. Atkinson’s first plans in office are to begin analyzing the budget for possible cost-savings and to speak with citizens regarding public safety issues especially as it relates to the fire and police department. “I want to make sure that we have all of the tools we need to keep Methuen residents safe,” said Mr. Atkinson.

Our East District Councilors:

Ron Marsan topped it in Methuen’s East District Council race with 1,927 votes. “I would just like to thank all of the people that did come out to vote for me. I sincerely appreciate and will do my best.” Coming in 2nd with 1,865 votes, Tom Ciulla remarked, “I am going to work extremely hard in my new seat. I especially want to thank Precinct 7, The Valley, as they gave me such a huge vote. I will never forget what they did for me.”

Our West District Councilors:

Jeanne Pappalardo came in 1st with 1,877 votes. “This will be my last two years due to term limits–and I am in favor of term limits. I just want to thank all of my very loyal supporters for everything they have done for me over the last four years.” said Papparlardo. Sean Fountain came in 2nd with 1, 762 votes.

Our Methuen School Committee:

Mary Jean Fawcett topped the ticket with 4,633 votes. Deborah Quinn was a close 2nd with 4,423 votes. Coming in 3rd with 4008 votes, Mark Graziano stated, “I would thank everyone for voting for me today. The biggest plan is to tighten up the budget with a fiscally conservative approach.” Mr. Graziano said he has 13 yrs. of experience with school finance and hopes to “help the superintendent and the business manager build a budget that is financially sustainable not just for today, but for the future.”

At 4th with 3,984 votes, Lynne Hajjar Kumm commented, “I am a parent of schoolchildren and think that a parent’s perspective is needed on the school committee. I ran on ‘Excellence Matters’, because I believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach their highest potential.”

Evan Chaisson at 5th with 3,975 votes stated, “I thank those of you who were at the polls holding signs. A most heartfelt thank you to everyone who came out, on this beautiful November day, to vote for me.” B. Pierog Grondine finished 6th with 3,639 votes.

Our Tech High School Committee:

For the GLTS School Committee, Kenneth Henrick topped the ticket with 4,681 votes and Thomas L. Grondine came in 2nd with 3,852. “I will do my best to give the students of Methuen the best representation; they deserve it” said Mr. Grondine.

The Housing Authority now has Robert M. Sheehan who received 5,429 votes and Kathleen A. Mulligan who received 5,425. Arthur Nicholson, III pulled in 6, 419 votes to top the ticket for The Memorial Library. Josephine Napolitano came in 2nd with 5, 505.

The Valley Patriot offers its sincerest congratulations to all of Methuen’s winning candidates! Best of Luck!