Lawrence School Receiver to Resign from Top Education Spot

Lawrence School Receiver to Resign from Top Education Spot

By: Tom Duggan – 11-14-17 Lawrence Superintendent-Receiver Jeff Riley is expected to announce his resignation Wednesday just one week after the reelection of Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera. Riley was appointed by state officials to run the chronically under-performing school district nearly seven years ago. Since then he has acted as both superintendent and school committee, […]

Lawrence Councilor LaPlante Responds to Mayor Lantigua’s State of the City Address

“He did make mention during his speech that crime was the lowest in ten years. That’s not the case. It’s actually a 36% increase in felonious crimes since Lantigua has been in office. That increase was on his watch. That translates to 665 felonious incidents above average. That’s a huge impact on the people and […]

It’s Time to Recall Mayor Lantigua

Valley Patriot Editorial ~ April, 2011 When will the people of Lawrence say “enough is enough” and start a recall petition against Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua?  In the year and a half Lantigua has been mayor, he has not only laid off cops and firefighters but has publicly attacked them at every turn, calling them […]

Playing the race card in 2010

Is it time for City Councilor Grisel Silva to resign?     By: Robert O’Koniewski, Esq., – March, 2010   Just how far Lawrence can sink has yet to be seen. The recent events surrounding Mayor Lantigua’s insistence on keeping, and then resigning from, his State Representative job certainly has enabled us to plunge to the […]