Rep Update: Transparency Legislation Gaining Momentum on Beacon Hill

Rep Update: Transparency Legislation Gaining Momentum on Beacon Hill

By: State Rep Linda Dean Campbell – April, 2015 Constituents and members of the press often run into significant roadblocks trying to obtain public records. These include excessive wait times and excessive fees charged which prove to be an insurmountable barrier for constituents attempting to access government publications and records which are public property. A […]

Massachusetts House of Representatives: 2013 and 2014

By: State Rep. Linda Dean Campbell – January, 2014 Last year was a very productive year for our Legislature and 2014 will bring forth necessary and spirited debate on some key issues to include ballot initiatives. In 2013, the focus of the Legislature was upon the economy, transportation, welfare reform, regulating compounding pharmacies, election laws, […]

They’ve Done It Again!

By: Jeff Katz – July, 2013 If you felt a little extra tug on your wallet recently that’s because our Beacon Hill payroll patriots decided that you just were not doing your part. It seems that you were not paying your fair share, so the profiles in courage who sit in our General Court decreed […]

The Road to Beacon Hill is Paved with Mediocre Intentions

  By: Karin Rhoton – June, 2012 Somehow the rhetoric never changes, even though the calendar does. Another year has gone by and still the taxpayers of Massachusetts continue to fund pet projects of politicians instead of funding services and programs for the communities in which they live. Still the taxpayers have not seen the […]