They’ve Done It Again!


By: Jeff Katz – July, 2013

If you felt a little extra tug on your wallet recently that’s because our Beacon Hill payroll patriots decided that you just were not doing your part. It seems that you were not paying your fair share, so the profiles in courage who sit in our General Court decreed that you would pay more at the pump. Never mind that under the reign of Barack Obama, gasoline prices are now close to four bucks a gallon. The Obamatons under our golden dome decided to tack on an additional three cents per gallon. In years past, there would at least be some sort of a decent dog and pony show provided. The usual suspects would employ the usual rhetoric and then do exactly as they were told. This year, they did exactly what they were told, but without any of the oh-so-enjoyable political kabuki we’ve come to expect.

Sure, there was the make pretend slap fight with our part-time governor who really wanted to whack we peasants even more severely, but aside from that bit of State House puppetry, this whole process of pillaging and plundering was a foregone conclusion. I know that the additional cost to me will only be the same as a sandwich or two, but when you couple it with the extra taxes on other items along with the fact that Governor Mini-Me never did provide a lick of property tax relief, well pretty soon you’ve got yourself the cost of a hefty buffet. The sort of spread filed with food, glorious food usually reserved for the State House cafeteria.

Please don’t be surprised at this. The assorted Democrat bottom feeders, trust funders and other rich guilty liberals have once again taken steps to enrich and enable those who are never asked to do any more than cast a reliable ballot for the party of division and class warfare. Ask no questions and they will still tell you some lies!

As we all pump our gas, feel good knowing that hacks and flacks will continue to provide the exemplary service we’ve all come to expect from state government. Rest assured that those who hate America will continue to get payouts and payoffs. Even as you struggle to fill your car, bask in the warm glow provided by remembering that the Massachusetts Democrat Party continues to work over time to provide illegal aliens with subsidized college tuition. Beam with pride as you recall that our Commonwealth’s leadership is doing everything they can to get those illegal aliens enrolled as voters. Yes my friends, it is another proud day here in Taxachusetts.