Democrats Fail Their Voters on “Abortion Rights” ~ Valley Patriot Editorial, 07-22

Democrats Fail Their Voters on “Abortion Rights” ~ Valley Patriot Editorial, 07-22

07-22 Regardless of where you stand on the recent Supreme Court Decision (Dobbs) declaring that abortion is not a constitutional right; you have to admit the Democratic Party in this country has a lot of explaining to do. For decades they have promised their voters that they would protect “abortion rights” and “make sure Roe […]

A Repudiation of Liberalism?

A Repudiation of Liberalism?

By: Paul Murano – November, 2014 Although political conservatives are feeling relief after this month’s election, it should not turn into satisfaction. The American people have not repudiated any party or philosophy on principle; it was rather the Republican’s turn for the pendulum to swing in their direction. This pendulum has continued its back and […]

“Racist” Valley Democrats Support Voter ID – Valley Patriot Editorial December 2013

By: Tom Duggan – December 15, 2013 Last month all three of Lawrence’s State Representatives voted in favor of Voter ID in Massachusetts. This is odd given that we are told day in, and day out by the Democrat leadership, and the so called “news” media that people who support Voter ID are, in fact, […]

They’ve Done It Again!

By: Jeff Katz – July, 2013 If you felt a little extra tug on your wallet recently that’s because our Beacon Hill payroll patriots decided that you just were not doing your part. It seems that you were not paying your fair share, so the profiles in courage who sit in our General Court decreed […]

An “F” on Transparancy in Massachusetts (opnion)

  By: Rob Eno – May, 2012 After completing work on a $32.5 billion budget, Speaker Robert DeLeo (D-Winthrop) said the budget process was, “the most open and transparent we can have”. The non-partisan Center for Public Integrity, among others, strongly disagrees. They recently gave Massachusetts an F for openness and transparency in our budgeting […]

Democrat State Senator Steve Baddour Defends Tea Party

  Sen. Baddour a Frequent Attendee At Tea Party Meetings By: Tom Duggan – October 08, 2010 Democrat State Senator Steve Baddour of Methuen has been seen networking and even speaking at Merrimack Valley Tea Party meetings in Andover, and North Andover. Given the hostility that leaders in his own political have for the Tea […]

Hidden Agenda

Valley Patriot Editorial The Democrats secretly want high energy prices August, 2008 The Democrats are vacationing while the nation is suffering with gas prices near $4 per gallon. We also face a cold winter with heating oil approaching $5 per gallon. Yet, the Democrats won’t permit increased access to economically viable oil deposits. Their arguments […]

Democracy in Pakistan

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL    December, 2007 There is a rush to judgment by the media and our government, both Democrats and Republicans, reacting to Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf’s declaration of emergency and suspension of their constitution. Everyone now waving the flag of democracy says this is the anti-democratic conduct of a dictator, and should be stopped […]