The Democrat War on Our Nation’s Youth

Professing Undying Love While Stabbing Them in the Back

By: Dr. Charles OrmsbyWa

A favorite trick of pickpockets is to create a distraction while reaching into your pockets and relieving you of your money. The Democrats are masters of this technique and they employ it over and over. It works best on those that are naïve and inexperienced, so it is not surprising that our innocent youth are smack dab in the middle of the Democrat crosshairs.

Imagine a group of youngsters moseying down the street thinking about their latest romance, their future, how smart they are becoming while taking courses on women’s rights and hate crimes, and how compassionate they must be while earning their degree in Peace and Justice Studies.

Now look closely behind the tree. There is a gang of Democrats with those evil grins rubbing their hands together in anticipation of making a major score.

Here is the Democrat plan for our poor unsuspecting youth:

First, they convince them that everyone has a right to the same healthcare insurance at the same price. Certainly, idealistic youngsters will endorse this proposition because it sounds so good. They’ll tell them that only mean old Republicans would deny people equal access to healthcare.

What Democrats will not tell our young people is that they will be forced to pay for this plan disproportionately. Their plan is to deny our youth the right to contract for their own health insurance and force them to buy the same coverage as seniors and at the same price. Since young people are statistically much less likely to have high healthcare expenses, the free market would naturally sell them an excellent, comprehensive health policy for much less than they would sell it to someone in their sixties.

The next part of the Democrat agenda is to deny our youth access to employment opportunities so they can demand greater pay and benefits for those already established in their jobs with greater experience. They tell our youth that the mean capitalists want employees to work as slaves and not pay them what they deserve. Certainly, any worker deserves at least $9 per hour. Not only that, they should be guaranteed paid vacation, sick time, family leave, drug counseling, and extra overtime pay.

What Democrats will NOT tell our youth is that employers are not required to hire anyone under these conditions; they can opt to not hire anyone at all. All the Democrats are dictating are increases in the minimum cost of hiring an employee if you hire them. What is an employer to do? Of course, the natural response is for employers to only hire employees with sufficient expertise to justify the required higher costs and to substitute automation wherever possible. What employers will do less of is hire inexperienced youth. So instead of our youth getting a low paying job with fewer benefits – BUT a job that offers them valuable experience and a chance to move up – they get nothing. More precisely, they get discouraged, angry, tattoos, nose rings and purple hair. Who can blame them?

We should note in passing that the first two parts of the Democrat plan for destroying our youth are synergistic. Since employers are required to subsidize health insurance for their employees and youth have lower than average healthcare costs, it should be advantageous for employers to hire youthful applicants. But alas, since we are not allowed to tailor plans to individuals, all prospective employees represent the same health insurance cost burden and this rare advantage, that should be enjoyed by our youth, is eliminated. The net result is that under 55% of our youth aged 18-24 have a job. The lowest level ever recorded. Way to go Democrats!!

The Democrats are not satisfied with this. They have the education unions (part and parcel of the Democrat coalition) to satisfy. Certainly the youth – through their parents – can be counted on to care about the quality and cost of education. The Democrats use this to their advantage to funnel money and privileges to their union supporters while indoctrinating the naïve but idealistic youth with their statist (“government solves all problems”) dogma.

Here is how the scam works: The Democrats will pose as champions of the youth by proclaiming the importance of education. They will say that our youth have the right to a quality education at an affordable cost.

Of course their answer is to spend, spend, spend … with grants and aid programs that directly feed the education special interests and low interest loans guaranteed by the taxpayer to ingratiate themselves with students and parents. Given the poor job market and the over-hyped need for formal schooling and college degrees, an inordinate percentage of our youth take the loans despite their lack of serious interest in academic subjects. The money flows into our colleges and is promptly eaten up by bloated salaries and administrative staff, all now firmly indebted to the Democrat party.

But what about our youth? Some gain a solid education that they can use to establish successful careers, but too many end up with few marketable skills, four years less experience due to their lack of employment, and a huge debt burden they will carry with them for much of their lives.

When graduates leave their college graduation ceremonies, they are optimistic that they will be able to translate their diploma into a good paying job and that life will be comfortable. The reality for most is quite different, especially for those who have spent their college years in the “soft” disciplines. If your major was in a subject area where you could, just as easily, have checked out books from your local library and joined a discussion group on weekends, you will find that your college expenditures have largely been wasted.

So now we have a large group of poverty-stricken youngsters living in their parents’ basements. One would think that the Democrats would take pity on them and agree to not inflict any additional suffering. But you underestimate the evil that Democrats are capable of. Our youth have been stripped of opportunity and resources now, but that doesn’t mean that the Democrats can’t steal their future earnings!!

We’re all tired of hearing about our massive federal debt (nearing $17,000 billion). If you don’t think this is a big problem, you are either ignorant of basic economics or too old to care about the future. This debt will not be paid by those in their seventies, eighties or nineties. It is likely that they will be long gone before the IOUs hit the fan. The biggest impact will be felt by those under fifty and most especially by those even younger. The annual interest costs will be immense, but the news is even worse. As the baby boomers retire, it is the youth that will be shouldering the burden of supporting the elderly through Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, prescription guarantees, ObamaCare and other elderly aid programs. Even today, there are only 1.75 employees in the private sector supporting the costs of each retiree and the number is dropping every day.

The big question is, will our youth ever figure out the Democrat scam? Will they ever hold the Democrats to account?

When they reach the breaking point, and they will, the youth may very well take Ayn Rand’s suggestion and shrug. But will it be too late?