Why I am Running for West District Councilor in Methuen

By: Kenneth Willette – August, 2013 Based on constructive and positive feedback I received from political supporters, family members and friends in Methuen’s West End, I decided recently to join the race for West District Councilor. I have watched, with great dismay, the actions of the Methuen City Council over the past two years, which […]



VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL    June, 2012 Receiver Jeffrey Riley’s plan to improve the educational opportunities for the children of Lawrence contains a few ideas that, if fully exploited, may improve performance. That being said, the parents of Lawrence’s school children and the taxpayers that fund this educational debacle, were both left out of the process of creating this […]

Dracut’s Mainstream Media Lost its Integrity and Its Audience

    By: D.J. Deeb – October, 2010 Perhaps the title of this column should be, “The Importance of Studying Several Different Sources Before Making a Decision”, but I just found it fascinating at this past June Town Meeting how Dracut’s various media outlets and Internet blogs handled a certain warrant article, which I felt […]

Lawrence Mayor Mike Sullivan Shows Class

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL September, 2007  Thanks to Lawrence Mayor Michael Sullivan, police officers in Lawrence will not be laid off this year, a firehouse will not close and DPW workers will be able to continue maintaining Lawrence’s ball fields, streets and sewer system without political interference by the Lawrence City Council. Over the last three […]