Superintendent Hottel Tries to Charge $7,099 for Public Documents

Superintendent Hottel Tries to Charge  $7,099 for Public Documents

December, 2012 North Andover School Superintendent Christopher Hottel handed The Valley Patriot a bill for $7,099 to fill a freedom of information request last month. The Valley Patriot had requested copies of all emails, sent and received by members of the school committee and the superintendent covering a 30 day period just prior to and […]

North Andover School Chairman’s e-mail Touches Off Firestorm

VALLEY PATRIOT EXCLUSIVE!! Tom Duggan – Valley Patriot Publisher NORTH ANDOVER – School Committee Chairman Chris Allen thinks that the Merrimack Valley Tea Party and town activist Ted Tripp are “small minded” for opposing the proposed meals tax on the town meeting warrant last week. She also believes, or at least says she believes, that […]

Hero in Our Midst – Ed Mitchell – Valley Patriot of the Month, March, 2006

By: Ted Tripp – March, 2006 NORTH ANDOVER- An electrical short circuit had forced early termination of the dive of the Navy’s Deep Submergence Research Vehicle, Turtle. As the Turtle returned to its support ship and was loaded on board, the electrical problem turned into a raging fire that threatened the sub, the support ship […]

Global Warming, Don’t Worry Mother Nature Is In Control PART 3

  By: Ted Tripp –  September, 2004 Since the 1960s, science has become increasingly politicized with large, well-organized groups using a particular scientific theory or research result to further their political agenda. In many cases, scare tactics are used to stir up citizens and the groups bringing you this news have a solution to the […]