An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

It is Time to Stop Oppressing the Downtrodden! THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX! By: Dr. Charles Ormsby, August, 2012 Dear Governor Romney, America is currently enduring its second Depression in the last hundred years. Seventy percent of us have escaped with just moderate wounds. The value of our assets has declined. Our prospects seem diminished. We […]

Our Biggest Enemy Is Timidity

We Must Halt Run Away Deficit Spending … NOW!  THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – February, 2011 In my article last month (“It’s Time to Take Out the Meat Cleaver!” The Valley Patriot, January 2011), I outlined a downsizing of the federal government that would reduce spending by $1.2 trillion in the […]

Get Rid of Calculators

THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX EXTRA By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – October, 2010 ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN THE NY TIMES In my experience teaching college freshmen, my sense is that the average level of academic rigor in our public schools has fallen significantly over the past five decades. Even in wealthy communities, only a fraction of parents […]