Thank You Frank Incropera


By: Bob Cuomo – June, 2o12

On May 19, 2012 the Mount Vernon Neighborhood Association had its election of Officers and Trustees. This year for the first time in 20 years they had to make changes as Frank Incropera was stepping down as President of the MVNA, a position he has held for some 20 plus years.

For 15 of those years I had the privilege of working with Frank first as a Trustee then being his VP.

I feel I had to write this letter just to remind people of some of the work Frank did as President of the MVNA and to let people know that Frank had stepped down as President of the MVNA. This meeting was not recorded and will not be seen on the local channel.

Frank was very dedicated and took the responsibilities of his position very seriously, although he always found time for humor while having meetings.

Frank always responded to members calls, helping them with their problems or issues. He attended countless Council meetings, Planning and Zoning Board meetings representing the people of the MVNA.

Frank always wanted to improve the quality of life and beautify the Mt Vernon area and he did so by adding planters in different areas, having the lot at McCarthy Rd. spruced up, adding flags to poles on So. Broadway, South St. and Mt Vernon St.

But in my estimation the best of his many, many good deeds was our Citizenship Award. This is our six $500.00 awards given to two eight graders, one from the Frost School and one from Lawrence Catholic Academy. One for a Senior from Lawrence High School, Greater Lawrence Voke, Presentation of Mary and Central Catholic High School.

Frank it was a pleasure and privilege working with you all these years. Thank you for all you did in building the Mount Vernon Association to a 400 family membership and improving our quality of life in the Mt. Vernon area.

Bob Comeau, Lawrence