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By: Santiago Reyes Cruz, Jr. – Aug. 2020

CRUZSports are up & running in the country for us all to enjoy. This will hopefully bring back some unity desperately needed in our Nation. Entertainment has proven to calm social tensions in the past – so we hope it can do the same this time around also. The tragic events that occurred these past few months have been hard on all Americans, so we sincerely deserve a breather. We deserve a moment of reconciliation with each other because all summer thus far; Americans have been coming at each other’s throats. We ALL deserve a breather; Keyword ALL.

I noticed that Black Lives Matter is becoming a marketing strategy for the major sports world corporations. It seems that promoting BLM is now a way to attract viewers considering BLM is the center of attention for social movements around the world. If you’re not shouting BLM you’re an enemy. If you say ALL lives Matter you’re a racist. Isn’t that a form of oppression? Yes it is. A person shouldn’t be bullied for saying ALL Lives Matter.

A few other trends that are growing are kneeling, during the National Anthem/ Pledge of Allegiance & shouting F*** the USA. Ignorant people who don’t respect the bloodshed by brave men and women who served this country. Let’s take a moment and remember those who served for us…
My question for all the “I hate the USA so much” why don’t you just leave? Choose a country that better suits your needs. OH WAIT…. YOU CAN’T. There isn’t another country on earth that offers the same freedom and opportunities as the USA. That’s why all the F*** the USA folks quiet down when asked this question.

Our solution as real Americans is to remember our wonderful democracy. If there’s an issue or something we don’t agree with – let’s bring change via the democratic route; not shouting F*** THE USA. Saying F*** the USA is a slap to the face to every living soul in this country. We live in the greatest country on earth. Zero debates.

We’ve seen some Hispanic soldiers recently murdered down in Texas- where is the Hispanic Lives Matter Movement? Why doesn’t Hispanic Lives Matter get the same attention?

This is why; Because Black Lives Matter has become a marketing strategy; BLM has been breached by radicals looking to push other agendas.

We, as Americans, need to stand for ALL social injustices currently happening in the country. All Lives Matter is the solution. ◊