The Democratic Party Has Come a Long Way ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (June ,2016)


In 1961, Democratic President John F. Kennedy inspired us all by saying this country would put a man on the moon. He then went to Congress to fund the exploration into space. Soon afterwards, we saw men on the moon. Today, Democratic President Barack Obama’s inspiration is to put men into ladies bathrooms. Ignoring Congress, he now offends the sensitivities of millions by issuing an executive order dictating how the nation’s bathrooms shall be used.

The population of the United States is approximately 323,000,000 people. Of those millions, surveys have indicated that as many as .3% of that population are transgender. Now let’s get this straight. In order not to offend the sensibilities of 969,000 people, the Democratic Administration instead wants to institute regulations that offend the sensibilities of 322 million people? Never mind the perverts who may take advantage of this new arrangement to do their thing — is this whole idea upside down or backwards or what?

One leading Democrat advocate of this gone-ballistic nonsense publicly broadcasts that if any female is offended by having an obviously male character in their ladies room, they can either “just hold it” or suffer their embarrassment in silence. So over 300 million people should either “hold it” or feel uncomfortable to pander the sensibilities of 100,000? Is this crazy or what? Don’t we have more important things to think about and do? We now will have to spend billions of dollars making over bathroom arrangements to protect our privacy? How about spending that money to combat cancer?

Yes, the Democrats have come a long way. The wrong way. The time has come to shut them down. Yes indeed — better late than never!