The Doctor is BACK! Talking Pain… AGAIN!




Dr. Rami Rustum – April-2016

It is my great pleasure to be back, communicating with the great readers of The Valley Patriot newspaper as I will be writing medical article, which will address every month different topic concerning pain and its management.

I will be glad to receive your questions, comments or requests for certain conditions by emailing me at the below listed email address.

We live in modern era where treating pain is no longer a luxury. It is a must!

As we know, in any medical facility treating patients, care givers including doctors and nurses always document what is known to be (The Vital Signs) which include values of the blood pressure, pulse, temperature and rate of breathing. Some argue that the oxygen level in the blood is attached to blood pressure or pulse. In the past few years, the federal medical authorities demanded adding pain score as the vital sign # 5.

This is to reflect on the importance of recognizing and treating pain, as no one should be left suffering!

Despite having good understanding of the problem and setting the treatment stage, we still deal with many problems and obstacles not limited to lack of reporting the problem to appropriate caregivers but extended to insurance treatment coverage, available pain management specialists, approved medications, pain medications abuse and diversion which is causing true medical crisis throughout the region and the country prompting imposing more regulations by many governing medical (and recently political) organizations which all have great impact on the patient-physician relationship!

In our time, pain as a lived experience, is no longer just a sign or simple matter to document! It is a true medical problem, a serious disease not less important than hypertension, diabetes mellitus or other medical conditions.

It is enough to know that pain is the second leading reason (first is cold symptoms) for visiting the doctor’s office in the U.S. with $60-80 billions spent every year on treatment!

My intention is to raise the awareness about pain and its management in general, in addition to discussing crucial and very important points from real life, which could give you piece of mind or better understanding of the problem.

Rami R. Rustum, MD, Director, Merrimack Valley Pain Management Center
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