THE DOCTOR IS IN! ~ Connective Tissue Diseases and Autoimmune Conditions

Dr. Piere Ghassibi – Nov. 2021

Greetings all,

Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Vitiligo, and Scleroderma are very serious diseases, although they can present as a spectrum with milder manifestations in some people, and very serious in others.

We do not know the cause of these, but I have opinions. I have the right to have my opinion as long as I am upfront in admitting that I could be wrong. Let me set the stage:
People love to take supplements and get angry if you tell them not to. The same goes for cleaning agents, beauty products, vitamins, perfumes, etc. We know that the FDA does not monitor these, and their long-term effects on the body is not well known at all. Some of these products are not digested and excreted, but remain in our tissues.

The proof is that nowadays, tissue biopsies from most people are showing that our tissues contain very, very many substances that they are not supposed to contain. This is not my opinion; it is established science. So, is it possible that our immune system that functions to attack foreign substances is starting to attack our own tissues, our own body that is imbibed with foreign material?

Many athletes use all sorts of enhancing chemicals (I have seen serious liver damage from these), people use way too much detergents, antiseptics. makeup, moisturizers. etc. People do not seem to realize that chemicals are more dangerous than bacteria. Many skin problems come from too much hygiene like Pruritus Ani, and facial, vulvar and hand dermatitis.

I have seen a number of children with vulvar dermatitis getting a whole workup for sexual abuse when the problem was overuse of paper baby wipes!
Asbestos, aniline dyes, tobacco. Pioglitazone. All can cause cancer!

We cannot stay away from many of these chemicals, but maybe less of them is better, as much as possible. This is too serious a fact to be ignored.

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