The Gloves Are OFF

By: Santiago Reyes Cruz

After many months of anticipation, the United States public was finally able to see the 1st presidential debate between President Donald Trump & Vice President Joe Biden. The debate itself was an all-out war where both sides spoke over each other as to demonstrate their willingness to go the extra mile.

An “I’ll do whatever it takes” attitude was displayed by both parties. Fiercely expressed their views and responses to the point where Citizens were left puzzled & asked if this was “really happening” during our Presidential Debate. “Did some of the most powerful men in our country just deliver what seemed to be a Saturday Night Live Drama Skit?” – One friend asked me.

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The truth is – tensions between the Republican & the Democratic Party have been so high lately – that an all-out street fight was due to come. The level of disrespect has only swollen throughout the development of 2020. Hence many citizens are actually “NOT” surprised.

However, now that the 1st debate “Street Fight” is over we hope that the gloves will come off.

Considering both sides released high levels of tensions, adrenaline and frustration during many of their exchanges. The American public expects a more formal Presidential Debate come round two.
Keeping in mind the recent celebration coming from the radical left at their discovery that President Donald Trump came out positive with COVID-19- I will sincerely set my expectations low for many Democrats. Will round 2 of the Presidential Debate be as chaotic as round 1?

Regardless of the outcome – I hope that WE ALL (R&D) take this as a time of observance as to what “NOT TO DO” when trying to communicate with someone of a different party. The purpose of a debate is to communicate & understand each other with the purpose of helping our citizens. If we’re listening to reply & not to understand – then there is no purpose of dialogue.

A local adults & young adults community group located at 297 South Union St., Lawrence MA is hosting “How to Respond During these Times” educational workshops. If you’re free and want to educate yourself/share your views join us! ◊