The Media’s Obsession with Tim Tebow’s Sex Life ~BENEATH THE SURFACE with PAUL MURANO

By: Paul Murano – Dec., 2015

Paul Murano is the winner of a 2014 Valley Patriot President's Award. He is the cohost of Paying Attention and has been writing for the Valley Patriot since 2004
Paul Murano is the winner of a 2014 Valley Patriot President’s Award. He is the cohost of Paying Attention and has been writing for the Valley Patriot since 2004.

The press has been having a lot of fun at the expense of Tim Tebow lately. It was reported that the quarterback’s girlfriend, a former Miss USA, dumped him because he insisted on no premarital sex. TMZ later claimed the story may have been untrue and that they never actually dated, but countless news sources continue to run the story to mock Tebow. Irresponsible journalism aside, it is time to go beneath the surface on the foolishness of this malicious attitude that is so prevalent today.

Yes, it is evident that Tebow is motivated and inspired by his Christian faith. As a Catholic, I too know that premarital sex (fornication) is the matter of mortal sin, i.e. if chosen with full knowledge and consent is a rejection of God. Reason can also see that it mocks marriage and real love.

Nonetheless, this Christian doctrine, which takes into account the natural and divine order and the meaning and purpose of marriage, now has science behind it. Although the modern world has rationalized and denied its way into making premarital sex the chief sacrament of the worship of Self, there is now new scientific evidence to support what was intuitively known from antiquity until the sexual revolution. Exciting new discoveries on the affects of telegony and microchimerism in women may lead to more insight into the meaning of the biblical phrase “the two become one flesh”, and change the way people look at sex.
First, let us look at telegony. Aristotle taught it, medieval kings and princes married virgins because of it, animal breeders still breed according to it, and now modern science points to it. What is it? Telegony is the claim that semen from previous lovers can affect a woman’s future offspring genetically fathered by another man. Although this belief in times past was widespread, modern genetics seemed to discount it. But new evidence indicates that even when pregnancy does not occur, semen may epigenetically alter the balance of the eggs a woman holds for her entire fertile life when sperm swim up to the fimbriae of the fallopian tube toward the ovary. When a future mate fertilizes a woman, becoming the genetic father of her offspring, the child may be phenotypically influenced by previous partners. In other words, traits from previous sexual partners may appear in the offspring by virtue of the affect their genetic material had her the eggs stored in her ovary. In October 2014, Time Magazine published an article called, “How Previous Sexual Partners Affect Offspring”. It highlighted serious research conducted at the University of South Wales that was published in Ecology Letters.

Another discovery gaining scientific support is that of female microchimerism: finding male DNA and Y chromosomes in the brains and bloodstreams of women. (The word chimera refers to two different bodies merging into one.) The American Journal of Medicine published the findings of a community of doctors who examined the brains of deceased women and found many to carry the male DNA. Cells remaining in the bloodstream of the women from male offspring was said to be a cause, regardless of whether the offspring was eventually born, miscarried, or aborted. It appears this male DNA from offspring, originating in the male sexual partner, may continue to live on in the woman becoming part of her indefinitely. However, some women in the study were never pregnant and still had male DNA living in them. This led to the postulation that the life of sexual partners in their genetic material also remains in the woman indefinitely, simply by virtue of sexual intercourse.

Experience and common sense also supports Tebow’s morality. A woman reacting to the Tebow story in Charisma Magazine wrote: “And going into our 23rd year of marriage I’m so glad that [my husband] waited for me. [It} showed me and my sons how valuable I am to him….I had no competition on our wedding night and he had no baggage from past sexual relationships. There were no old girlfriends that I had to compete with or memories of past sexual escapades. We started with a clean slate.”

Other than religious objections and the usual fears of STD’s and pregnancy, premarital sex breaks hearts, leaves people feeling used, lowers self-esteem, contributes to depression, to promiscuity, and to cynicism. It also diminishes the special nature of marriage and the uniqueness of the spousal relationship. The body language of the marital embrace has an objective signification, which is meant to say: “I give my whole self to you completely and uniquely.” Becoming one flesh with others beforehand distorts that signification and diminishes the union spouses are meant to have. So, as people in the media and elsewhere continue their adolescent ridicule of Tebow, which is really an attempt to mask their own guilt, Tim Tebow is a hero to the many struggling to overcome the pitfalls of modern life. He inspires others to see that a healthy relationship to self, marriage, and God is well worth rejecting the allure of the world, the flesh, and the devil.