The Methuen Ballet Ensemble returns to the Firehouse Center for the Arts in Newburyport to present Cinderella

Methuen BalletThe ballet follows the story of Cinderella, a young maiden, forced by her wicked stepmother and stepsisters to live as a servant in her own home.When the prince announces that there will be a grand ball at the castle, Cinderella begs her stepmother that she be allowed to attend but her stepmother refuses.  Cinderella’s dreams of attending the ball are interrupted when an old beggar woman arrives at their door. Her stepmother cruelly sends her away, but Cinderella, shows her kindness and offers her food.

Soon after her family leaves for the ball, the beggar woman returns and reveals herself as Cinderella’s godmother. As a reward for her kindness, she calls upon the Fairies of the Four Seasons, to bestow gifts to Cinderella. With the help of her godmother, she prepares for the ball but is warned that she must leave the ball before midnight, as the magic will not last! Will Cinderella finally meet her prince and live happily ever after? Or will the stepsisters efforts to woo the prince prevail?The production features Cinderella’s magical pumpkin coach, glass slippers, mice that transform into horses, a glowing fireplace, gorgeous costumes, and colorful sets. This production is truly one for all ages! Children are welcome!

The Methuen Ballet Ensemble is an established local ballet company under the artistic direction of Vanessa Rae Voter.Principal roles are performed by members of Methuen Ballet Ensemble, whose experience totals over 150 years of classical ballet training under Ms. Voter’s tutelage. All student and children roles are performed by students of Voter’s School of Dance in Salem, NH.Tickets are $25 and are available for purchase at the Firehouse Center for the Arts Box Office:

By Phone:
Box Office: 978-462-7336
Box Office Hours: Wed-Sun 12-5pm (or until curtain)
History of the Methuen Ballet Ensemble:

Vanessa Rae Voter founded Methuen Ballet Ensemble in 1989 as a platform for promising students to showcase their talents, performing both classical and modern ballets for the public. Her inspiration came from her years as a dancer with Boston Ballet. During the audition process for The Nutcracker, those children not cast in roles touched her, by their disappointment and tears. She vowed that someday she would have a company of her own, where every child who auditioned would be guaranteed a part. She realized her dream and has been successfully staging The Nutcracker for over 20 years, never having rejected an auditioning dancer.