The Mysterious Black Cat

black-cat-outsideBy: Tracey Zysk – August, 2014

Many people have these crazy notions that black cats represent the dark side, bring bad luck or even represent death. However, if you go back and research the history of the “Black Cat” you will be surprised to learn the opposite.

Black cats have been around since Christ. This is a fact. Black cats are a living representation of Satan. This is fiction.
In fact, in Britain and Japan, having a black cat cross your path, is considered good luck, whereas if you live in the USA or several European countries, it is bad luck to have a black cat walk by.

I have to say, the Brits and Japanese are way better people than us on this one. Seriously, people actually do not adopt a precious animal who can offer so much unconditional love, simply because his fur is black? Really, people….think about how ridiculous that is.

Let’s look into this a little more. Cats are sassy, cats are independent and cats are in their own way a mystery.


Well, it comes down to their mannerisms and their personalities.

They can be aloof, they can be sneaky and they most certainly will make their own decisions on their own time. Should this be associated as they are mean ? No.

Does this represent they are uncontrollable? No.

Are these behaviors you should consider as reasons not to adopt them? Absolutely not !

The next time you are strolling through a shelter, at an adoption event or even looking at cats available on a reputable on line adoption site, notice what you see the most of. Yes, Black Cats. It is very sad, actually it is heartbreaking that a cats are overlooked in our shelters because of the color of their fur.

To learn a little more about ” The Black Cat” stop into the following event:

Black Cat Day at Ciao Bow Wow
Saturday September 13 from 10 – noon
1109 Osgood Street Suite 9, N. Andover, MA

• Fun galore, with raffles, contests.
• Reiki for people and pets.
• List of shelters with black cats waitng for adoption.
• All to bring attention to the plight of
• Black cats in animal rescue shelters.