Paying Attention! with Tom Duggan: Jen Cooper

Former Lawrence School Committee Member Jen Cooper
Former Lawrence School Committee Member Jen Cooper

Today Tom Duggan interviewed Jen Cooper of the Lawrence School Committee who resigned this week and moved out of Lawrence saying that the Lawrence Public Schools because of the shenanigans of the State Department of Education and Receiver Riley.

Tom also played debate clips from the State Senate debate this week sponsored by the Valley Patriot and WCAP radio between Democrat candidates Tim Coco, Kathleen O’Connor Ives and Bill Manzi.

The Freedom of Information Law and how Lawrence continues to violate it with impunity, as state officials close to Mayor Lantigua do absolutely nothing to hold him accountable for turning over public documents.

Another issue discussed is the 209A restraining order laws as each candidate vowed to fight formen’s rights not to be deemed criminals for the rest of their lives because of a restraining order. FASCINATING STUFF.

We also discussed briefly the 3rd Congressional debate between Tom Weaver and John Golnik and a LOT MORE!!!

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