The place that can decorate your home and win over your heart!

pearsonBy: Rebeccah Pearson
– January, 2014

Urban Elements in Newburyport carries a wide range of the highest quality products you can find here in Newburyport for your home and that are available today. Keeping things simple and to the point seems to work, and along with their amazing collection of home décor and gifts, they have great customer service as well making your experience in Urban Elements one of a kind!

All of their sofas, chairs, and upholstered headboards are made in the US and come with lifetime warranties on the frames. They represent some of the best manufacturers in the country. Their tables and cabinets (case goods) are solid wood, hand built, and environmentally friendly. Most are FSC certified which means making the product doesn’t harm the environment. They specialize in meeting the needs of their customers in the most genuine way.

Urban Elements in Newburyport began back in 2007 and has expanded each year since being in business.

“I started it based on a simple idea that beautiful, high quality furniture should be made affordable. We usually see the opposite in the marketplace, right? Either really beautiful things are over the top expensive pricing out most people, or they’re made really poorly with inferior materials to become affordable. I also feel real strongly about everyone having the opportunity to make their home someplace they can feel good about.

Oprah said your home should rise up to you and I’ve always loved and believed in that idea.” Kim Tenenbaum, Owner of Urban Elements Home and Gift. “I think we’ve always been that place where people from all kinds of households just appreciate. If you don’t have $2,000 to spend on a chair, we can offer one to you for as low as $595 still made in the US and one you can choose your own fabric for.

You could probably find the exact same chair elsewhere for much more. If you are fortunate enough to be able to spend $2,000 on a chair, you don’t necessarily have to. If I can grow my business, employ people, and be successful selling a chair that other stores price at $2,000 for $1,500, why shouldn’t I?

In the beginning, almost everyone told me I wouldn’t survive doing the things that I was doing. They told me I would have to increase my prices because I was a small store and wouldn’t get the volume of customers that the big box stores got. I’m happy to say that I never listened to anything except that gut feeling inside telling me to follow my heart. It’s because of that I have complete confidence in my ability to meet the needs of every customer that walks in the door.”

As an extra bonus, they deliver within a 300-mile radius in their own vehicle and with the Urban Elements staff. Along with being able to provide their customers with top notch delivery, the Urban Elements delivery men can also move their customer’s furniture to other areas of their home and/or dispose of old pieces. They also arrange white glove delivery for our customers in other parts of the country.

What separates Urban Elements from other places is this lovely store is based on the idea of expansion in life, going beyond limits, and possibilities. When a customer shops at Urban Elements and gets to know the folks, they can feel the difference. “I start my day meditating and getting grounded before anything else.

Once I feel centered, grateful, and full of possibilities I go into research for the store – I’m in this constant flow of how to be better, how to be of service, how can I make certain that the value my customer gets will way exceed what they’re paying.”

These are deep-rooted principles that Kim, the owner, has that can’t be duplicated. The store may be a store, but the way people feel when they come in, the way we choose to treat our customers, the way we price our products – everything transcends from this genuine way of being, and that is what the business was built on.

That’s why people love us. It’s a very real and happy experience that our customers are having. I hope to become some form of a coach to other businesses some day. I feel like I have something to teach people to help them be better and enjoy life more”.

They have won many voters choices awards including: Best of Boston 2013 Best Furniture North, Best of North Shore 2013 for Best Furniture, and Best Home Décor, Best of North Shore 2012, Readers Choice for Furniture and Editor’s Choice for Mome Decore. Their customer base has expanded throughout the country helping those in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Maryland, California and more find and create happy homes. Urban Elements in Newburyport has an amazing outlook on home, décor, and everyday design whether for your living space or a gift for someone else. “I’m happy, my employees are happy, and my customers are happy – life really is good!”

They also have a huge website that offers many more choices and designs, all together Urban Elements is truly an elemental pleasure for your decorative and gift designs it has been a pleasure to see Urban Elements grown into an amazing outlet here in Newburyport.

In March 2014, Urban Elements in Newburyport will open in their new larger location at 19 Water Street. “We couldn’t be more excited to be able to spread out a little, and be able to show more of our collection.” Urban Elements 20 Pleasant Street & 75 Merrimac Street Newburyport, MA 01950.