The Real War on Women


By: Paul Murano – June, 2012

People feel most offended when they know deep in their heart something is true. Consider this point as you read this column.

In the heat of a political year when Democrats concoct a war on women and Republicans deny it, we ask the question: Is there a war on women? The answer is yes, but it is the opposite of what is being claimed. The real war of women began as soon as a serpent entered paradise.

If you wanted to kill humanity wouldn’t you shoot for the heart? Shoot at the heart and the entire body falls. Any gunman knows this. The heart of humanity is woman, and the old serpent knows that if you attack the heart the head would follow – for the interdependence of head and heart is vital for the body to survive. If the heart fails to give the brain its blood and oxygen, death soon occurs.

Whether or not you believe the Garden of Eden story to be divinely Revealed, you can see that this dynamic continues to be present today. Males and females understand their own identity in relation to each other. They are literally made for each other, not only for marriage but for all social interaction, as two complementary sides of humanity. Eve came from the side, or heart, of “Adam” (which means mankind).

As the image of God, this relational dynamic reflects the Son being eternally begotten of the heart of the Father and woman from the heart of man. Unfortunately, the imbalance that occurred in human nature (after the fall) made it difficult to know what it really means to be a man or a woman.

As we have uncomfortably trudged along throughout the centuries, managing to propagate the species to fill the world and subdue it, the scourge in male-female relations in the form of domination and lust continued, but the New Covenant and subsequent unfolding of western civilization were having their healing effect. Another attack by the serpent was needed before it became too late. In the 20th century a second forbidden fruit was devised to cause confusion between the sexes and land a fatal blow to humanity: the birth control pill. The serpent again shot at the heart, woman consumed the new forbidden fruit, and the western world both demographically and spiritually has been dying.

It’s consequences are far too numerous to elaborate in one column, but let’s look at the obvious fundamental changes that have occurred in the delicate balance between the sexes. Generally speaking, women have lost a sense of their true identity, and as a result so have men. It has led women to reject real womanhood for two seemingly opposite counterfeit versions: In the past few decades woman have been conditioned to become either more like men or more like harlots. These are the two options promoted continuously by the media and academia, two arms of the serpent, as it continues to attack the heart of humanity. It makes perfect sense that when one’s sense of purpose has been denied alternatives are needed to fill the void.

The pill creates a sterilized womanhood, with the exception of her 1.3 children, and leaves a void in her life that must be filled in order to have any semblance of meaning. Infiltrating the masculine realm provides that purpose, although it lack on providing fulfillment.

And if sex is de-linked from babies then what has always been called harlotry can be re-labeled as sexual freedom. We see it at college campuses around the country, the pornography explosion, and in various other forms through society. As a result of women being led into these two counterfeit extremes men have needed to alter their identity to maintain balance by two corresponding counterfeit versions of manhood: become either feminized or predatory.

This corresponds to the two popular laments of women today: “Aren’t there any real men anymore?” as well as “All men are pigs.”

We have been stuck in a vicious cycle of following the counterfeits while denigrating the real thing because we’ve been conditioned in the worldview of secular humanism. For forty years this has been deceitfully called progress in the name of equality in an era that equates equality with sameness; and none of this silliness would have unfolded had we not taken the new forbidden fruit in the form of the pill. The real war on women has in turn produced a new war on men. There’s much more to say about this last point, but we’ll save it for another column.