The RECURRING DREAM by Bill Arcand


Book review by Dottie Avery – November, 2011

The Author of THE RECURRING DREAM, Bill Arcand, was born and raised in Lawrence, MA. He moved to California in the early 70’s where, he says, “there was a great movement of the Holy Spirit and revival was sweeping all across the land, especially in California.” He continues on with, “People were coming out to California getting saved and going back home and getting others saved”. If you’ve read his book, you will understand that when Mr. Arcand talks about “getting saved”, he’s not referring to being dragged to the shoreline by a good looking lifeguard. His idea of “getting saved” isn’t quite so literal. He’s referring to his soul.

The book, THE RECURRING DREAM, is written in the form of a play and I believe is written in order to ‘save’ the reader. It centers on the atrocities of abortion, and what the “botched” abortions would have been like had they lived. Some of the babies that did live (due to the brave ones working in abortion clinics stepped in and actually saved babies from garbage cans) got up and told their stories at the meetings attended by Christians.

The focal point of this book is to bring the reader to understand what it means to be a good Christian and the consequences of our sins.

The Recurring dream allows the reader to remember the lessons that most of us learned in CCD classes as youngsters. It inspires the reader to think twice about how we’re living our lives and the real life ramifications of the decisions we make.