The Red-Pilling of America ~ BENEATH THE SURFACE with PAUL MURANO

By: Paul Murano – Aug. 2020

Like most people, I have a tendency to trust the establishment – of any profession. It is natural to trust. We humans begin life as babies totally trusting our parents. That trust is then extended to other family members, doctors, teachers, law enforcement and the like. It’s usually not until adolescence that most people begin to discern who to trust and who not to. Those with a clearer sense of right and wrong may begin that discernment earlier. Yet, even then, the natural tendency to believe, ingrained since babyhood, remains.

This is why what is going on today is challenging for so many. Never in history has an ideology taken control over such a large percentage of a people in such a short period of time. Many claims today about human nature would have sent someone to a mental hospital just a few years ago. Leading the charge of this take over are the culture-molding establishments of journalism, entertainment, and education. These are the social “authorities” of our day.

The good news ia many have been “red-pilled” – a phrase made popular by the movie The Matrix – and some even have had the courage to declare it publically. I would like to quote Tucker Carlson of Fox News from the other night. The next hundred words are his.

Americans are miserable: They’re stuck at home, they’re fearful. Millions of them don’t have jobs. The percentage of Americans who believe our country is headed in the right direction has dropped off a cliff since this spring. Not coincidentally, that’s when a strange new virus from China began to spread among our population.

The rise of COVID 19 in the United States tracks almost precisely the decline of Donald Trump’s approval numbers. And the political lesson from this is clear – The more damage the Wuhan coronavirus does to America the harder it is for the President to get re-elected… Every Democratic office holder understands that… The Democratic Party has every incentive to keep Americans afraid and off-balance.

There is ample evidence that the pandemic shut-ins have done more harm than good. With the decline of psychological and physical health, unemployment and increased suicides, you would think politicians would take notice. And with all major social media outlets censoring every medical doctor contradicting the accepted narrative, you would think more of the public would wake up.

Everyone living through this, who has not allowed the devil through the media to influence their conscience, has the same gut feeling. All of this is no coincidence. There is a good chance that after November 3rd there will be little to no news coverage on COVID 19. If Biden wins, the virus will no longer be useful.

If Trump wins, it will be on to another “impeachable” offense.

This fits the strengthening pattern of the Luciferian media in the past few decades, the more the media squawks and ridicules something the more true it actually is. Like the story of the king who had no clothes on, the media is striving to assure social acceptance of a lie, even though a mere child could see through the deception. Remember how the media did it to the traditional family? To destroy the foundational unit of civil society, they came up with well-researched slogans like “barefoot and pregnant” and “my body my choice,” as well as “every child a wanted child” – which really means “every unwanted child is a dead child.” Almost no one challenged them. They were able to create the parameters what beliefs were acceptable, and used it as a shaming technique for those who refused to follow.

Today is no different. See how the media cries out about mail-in voting, wearing masks, and keeping children out of school. If Democratic politicians really cared about human lives would they have placed COVID patients in nursing homes? Ignored the slow deaths of people and livelihoods by being shut-in with stay-at-home orders? And would they automatically ridicule every medical doctor who offers an expert opinion that does not fit the accepted narrative?

Everyone knows the elites are pulling strings until the election, with Rahm Emanuel’s “never let a serious crisis go to waste” strategy. Their world order and culture of death, which Trump threatens, is more valuable to them than people dying and lives destroyed due to governmental overreach hell bent on destroying the economy on Trump’s watch. It has shuttered churches and disallowed dying patients to see their families, but have allowed protests, riots, and statue and property destruction, while also allowing liquor stores, strip clubs, and abortion mills to remain open.

No one is saying Republicans are the perfect solution. However, like the Nazis and the Communists before them, the secular progressive movement must be stopped from gaining more power. The question remaining is this: Will there be enough red-pilled, courageous people by November to stave off the anti-life, anti-God, totalitarian encroachment for another four years? Or will too many be silent, forcing the nation to learn the hard way?

Paul is talk host of Beneath the Surface video & radio podcasts, teaches college philosophy and theology, is a staff writer for St. Michael’s Media, and a singer-songwriter-musician. Check out Paul’s website at Email him at