The Roe Leak and Its Response ~ BENEATH THE SURFACE with PAUL MURANO

By: Paul Murano – May, 2022

There seems to be two basic reasons for the hysteria now being witnessed in Leftist women over the potential overturn of Roe vs. Wade: fear and anger. Fear reigns in those who can’t imagine not being part of a fornication culture with abortion as a way out of being “stuck” with a baby. Anger dominates those whose hatred for God and humanity demands the blood of the innocent. Hell has succeeded with both.

What seems to be missing from the radar is that abortion was illegal before Roe, which was not too long ago. From the time that modern science discovered how human life begins with Mendelian genetics in the mid-1800s, no one with a conscience thought abortion was okay. In a world without legal abortion, people were generally much happier. There were considerably less suicides, divorces, violent crimes, personal heartbreaks, and the need for prescription medications. Only relatively recently, with the sexual revolution, did all this begin to change.

Let’s look at a few key Supreme Court rulings in recent history to see how far we’ve strayed from the natural order of God’s plan, in just a half century:

1965 – Contraception was legalized in Griswold vs. Connecticut
1973 – Prenatal murder (abortion) was legalized in Roe vs. Wade
2003 – Sodomy was decriminalized in Lawrence vs. Texas
2015 – “Same-sex marriage” was legalized in Obergefell vs. Hodges

With a snowball effect, each deviation from human nature demanded the next. Rather than evincing amazement that all these crimes against nature were also civil crimes not too long ago, perhaps more people should ponder why society was content without them and why mmore families thrived. Let’s go beneath the surface.

Almost 90% of abortions today are from unmarried women. Two questions follow from this data: Would there have been an abortion culture had we not strayed from God’s immutable law that sex is only for marriage? What persuaded an entire society almost overnight to divorce sex from procreation and from marriage? The answers are no and contraception. This is why the Griswold decision had to be the first domino to fall. No-fault divorce soon followed and the family breakdown was underway.

As I watch the NBA playoffs tonight I can’t help but mourn the loss of the one-third of players that should have been on the court, but were killed before birth. I think of this often when I see any group of people under 50 today. This is what Roe v. Wade has done. We live in alternate reality. It is nothing less than devastating, and very perplexing why half the country can’t see this.

Although it has destroyed over 70 million human beings in America that we’ll never get to meet in this life, abortion is still a symptom of the bigger problem. Unless the sexual revolution is reversed, and people realize they have no moral right to fornication, they will not realize they have no right to abortion. And they won’t realize this until contraception is rejected – as it was for nearly two millennia before ‘the pill’, Illicit sex blinds, and leads to murder – of marriages, families, babies, and countless minds and souls. Unless you attack the sexual revolution at its root, the culture of death will remain and the fear and anger from those caught up in its grip will continue.

The country is now post-Christian. Its faith-premises that undergird its laws are agnostic at best. The rationalization of moral depravity based on privacy and false freedom is rotting civilization to its core.

If the Supreme Court makes good on its leaked memo and does overturn Roe v. Wade, abortion will go back to the state level, and child-killing will continue in many states. Sex without consequences is demanded in our era.

This is why post-Christian pagans are worse off than pre-Christian pagans: The latter anticipated the light that would lead to human happiness and fulfillment; the former has rejected it.

Paul Murano is producer and host of Beneath the Surface video podcasts, has taught college philosophy & theology, and is a producer/writer for St. Michael’s Media. Check out his website at E-mail Paul at