The Six Elements of the Massachusetts Way of Justice

Dr. Bharani Padmanabhan – March, 2014

Every year on Women’s Day (March 8th) we remember the women who inspired us with their innate decency and courage. This year I give thanks that Violet Amirault enriched our Commonwealth with her life, a good person and self-made entrepreneur who really should’ve moved to California, a battered wife who refused to be dependent on the tax-dollar dole and displayed great strength of character despite consciously false vicious attacks by a despicable jealous tax-dollar-addicted politician – Emily’s List’s very own Martha Coakley – who lets real criminals walk. Good women live like Violet Amirault.

Over the past 12 months another case has been unfolding in Massachusetts that is so identical to previous such cases it serves as a textbook example of the Massachusetts Way. Here are the classic Six Elements –

1. A powerful Harvard Hospital.

2. A corrupt Judge with conscious disregard for the US Constitution.

3. The captured Commonwealth acting as a State Predator.

4. A sick child and it’s tortured Parents.

5. A spineless cowardly lawyer unwilling to stand up to evil.

6. An unpublished corrupt unconstitutional illegal ‘gag order’.

The only thing different about individual cases is the name of the child and it’s parents. These 6 elements however, reign supreme and are seen in every single case.

Currently in Boston Juvenile Court, young Justina Pelletier and her family are being tortured by the despicable Judge Joseph Johnston on behalf of Harvard’s evil psychiatrists who are hell-bent on coercing the parents to declare in court that Harvard is correct, Tufts is wrong and that they would never take their child to Tufts again. If the parents do not agree, the despicable Judge Johnston has threatened they will not get their daughter back at all. The Commonwealth here is a classic State Predator, engaging in open unconstitutional abuse of governmental power on behalf of Harvard’s psychiatrists via both the despicable Judge Johnston, and the institutionally corrupt EOHHS-DCF.

This is no different from getting a King’s general warrant issued before the United States was born and general warrants were deliberately outlawed. Harvard, being older than the United States, clearly still relishes those royal times. This country came into being because those royal times were an absolute nightmare. An absolute nightmare is exactly what everyone says when they hear about the Pelletier case.

Strictly in order to hide Harvard’s and his own evil actions from the public, the despicable Judge Johnston issued a verbal warning to the parents forbidding them from talking to the press. A ‘gag order’ is an unconstitutional prior restraint on the Freedom of Speech, and so is impermissible unless the government meets a very high burden to justify its imposition. Part of the government’s high burden is the duty to publish why it has imposed this unconstitutionalpPrior restraint so the public may examine the reason.

Naturally, the despicable Judge Joseph Johnston cannot publicly say, ‘oh it’s to protect Harvard’s psychiatrists from public outrage at their evil violation of basic human rights’, and so he has not published the ‘gag order’ or his reasons for imposing it. One thing is guaranteed – the despicable Judge Johnston’s ‘gag order’ is in no way to protect or help young Justina.

The institutionally corrupt EOHHS-DCF physically prevented the mother from taking even cellphone photos of her own daughter. Again, this is in no way to protect or help Justina. This is solely to hide from public outrage the fact that the young child has gone terribly downhill while imprisoned by Harvard psychiatrists in their locked ward for 11 long months. A bright, happy, fit figure skater on ice is now reduced to a sickly, wheelchair-bound child who cannot even stand on her own. All EOHHS-DCF cares about is to prevent that photo from hitting public view. That is why EOHHS-DCF also banned Justina from attending mass on Christmas Eve.

On behalf of The Valley Patriot, I myself filed the first motion against this corrupt unconstitutional ‘gag order’. The family’s lawyer had not filed against the ‘gag order’, obeying element 5. The ACLU of Massachusetts also chose to sit on its spineless butt. After all, they could lose invitations to wine and cheese socials at Harvard.

The Pelletiers, made of much sterner stuff than Harvard and it’s despicable Judge Johnston envisaged, given the success with which the Massachusetts way has dealt with previous children, broke element 5 above and imported a courageous lawyer, naturally from outside Massachusetts. Matt Staver has won arguments himself in the nation’s Supreme Court.

The despicable Judge Johnston threw Staver out of the courtroom. Not only did he not allow the Pelletiers to bring him on as their attorney, he gave Harvard and DCF 48 hours to “contest” the Pelletiers’ choice of attorney! Of course, Harvard is the Master! Staver’s very presence clearly scared the Judge. After all, ALL 6 elements must be present for the Massachusetts way. We cannot allow the parents to now get effective counsel!

The despicable Judge Johnston then ruled that he would decide on young Justina’s placement on the 17th of March, before ruling on the motions against his unconstitutional unpublished ‘gag order’ on the 24th. Meaning he would complete the railroading of the Pelletiers on behalf of Harvard’s evil psychiatrists before allowing sunshine into the court, by which time of course it would be way, way too late. This made the tortured mother faint.

EOHHS-DCF, perfectly happy that the despicable Judge Johnston issued a corrupt gag order, actually filed a motion to hold the Pelletiers in contempt of court for telling the press and others that their daughter is worsening! Even if you gave EOHHS-DCF, Roche and Polanowicz any benefit of the doubt after the Jeremiah Oliver betrayal, you absolutely cannot after this! These are evil people.

In Pennsylvania, they recently convicted two despicable Juvenile Court judges for throwing young children into private prisons in exchange for a hefty bribe. But then, throwing a despicable Judge into prison for blatant unconstitutional abuse of governmental power is not the Massachusetts way. Protecting state predators is. Remember, there are only 6 elements in the Massachusetts way.

Loving the US Constitution is not one of them.

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