The Taylor Swift Phenomenon ~ BENEATH THE SURFACE with PAUL MURANO

By: Paul Murano – Feb. 2024

Like every normal guy who doesn’t have an adolescent daughter, I knew almost nothing about Taylor Swift. What I’ve heard is she’s a lingering pop star capitalizing on young women’s tribulations with former “relationships” – a kind of a #MeToo of rock.

Additionally, as a long-fulfilled (and recently suffering) New England Patriots fan, I’m a follower of the NFL, despite its recent (“End Racism”) turn to wokeism. So, I’m fully aware of the Kelce-Swift phenomenon that is capturing the imagination of the gossip media, and more recently cable news, all the way to the Super Bowl. Whether it’s all genuine or tainted for purposes of publicity or politics, I don’t know and don’t much care.

What I do find appalling, however – and all of us should – is the cultural ethos that has led millions of girls and young women for decades to take solace in the lamentations of artists like Swift and Alanis Morissette.

The modern world, infected by the sexual revolution, has created the fundamental ethic of adult consent to differentiate what is morally acceptable from unacceptable. If one consents to something, it’s good; if not, it’s evil. This is what the #MeToo movement and our society at large does not understand: Abuse is not defined simply by a lack of consent.

The realm of sex is very different from other parts of human nature and carries with it deep implications. Sex outside of marriage violates people at their core, and no adult consent or capricious denials can ever change this. It leaves people wounded and jaded. Just listen to the lyrics.

This artificial demarcation of adult consent was created in part so that men may use women without consequence and women may feel “empowered” as being equal to men. The result has been 80 million abortions, a 50% divorce rate, a soaring suicide rate, countless people trying to cope with prescription meds, and the Alanis Morissettes of the world screeching from the depths of their being, at least internally, “I’m here to remind you of the mess you left when you went away. It’s not fair!” (You Oughta Know 1995)

Isn’t it interesting that this common experience of lifelong woundedness has still not been motivation enough to stop the revolution in its tracks. This futility is a testament to the addictive power of sex, when reason is forced to take a back seat. Have you ever suggested in public that pornography be outlawed? Watch the visceral reaction you get from those who use free speech as their pretense.

There was a reason that sex was held to be reserved for marriage for several millennia before the revolution. It was understood by most that it was the unique privilege of committed spouses expressing and confirming their lifelong covenantal bond. This norm of the natural law protects people from lasting wounds, preserves love as an unconditional commitment, and provides a secure environment for potential offspring to be welcomed.

The message coming from parents, pastors, friends, and the media must be clear and unambiguous, albeit counter-cultural. Until we communicate this truth with courage and conviction, the powerful in society will continue to make money off people’s pain. And even sadder, formerly innocent women like Brittany Spears, Alanis Morissette, and Taylor Swift will continue to be poster girls for this faux “female empowerment” movement – whose end is pain, bitterness, and broken dreams.

Paul Murano is producer and host of Beneath the Surface videocast. He is author of The Devil-ution of Society (available at, and has taught college philosophy & theology for over 15 years. Check out his website at and Youtube channel at, E-mail Paul at