The Unprincipled Biden ~ BENEATH THE SURFACE with PAUL MURANO

By: Paul Murano – May, 2021

It’s hard to believ2e so many Americans are expressing surprise at how far Left Joe Biden has turned as president. “I remember him X amount of years ago,” one typical political pundit said the other day on TV, “and he never would have said the things he’s saying now.”

We should only be surprised at their surprise. Joe Biden has proven for decades to have no principles. Someone who goes through the rituals of Catholicism while rejecting most of its fundamental moral teachings has no anchor, foundation, or character. And he governs the country the same way he practices Catholicism, contradicting the Constitution in so many ways while praising it.

This is because Biden’s piety it directed to his real religion, Leftist progressivism, ritually practiced in the Democratic Party. The central ritual in this religion is prenatal murder – which one that must adhere to, support, and guard with one’s life. This central sacrament of abortion upholds their key dogma that there are (or should be) no differences between the sexes, and that we can recreate ourselves in any way we desire.

The canonized saints of this religion without principles include people like Margaret Sanger, who despised what she called the “undesirables.” She promoted contraception to keep the undesirable population at bay, basing the organization she founded on this aim. Planned Parenthood now purposely sets up their killing centers in minority communities to disproportionately kill black and hispanic babies.

Bruce Jenner would have become a contemporary saint in this religion of progressivism, for mutilating himself to pretend he’s a woman; but he’s committed the mortal sins of voting for Trump and remaining a Republican.

Anyone with an ounce of wisdom can see how Democrats manipulate the emotions of minorities and single women to maintain control over them, and power for themselves.
One mark Joe Biden shares with his Leftist amoral power-based religionists is that he does not seem to be grounded in eternal truths, which are the foundation of moral principles. This is very dangerous for his soul. We must pray for him before he faces God at the moment of death. Progressivism is rooted in an atheistic world view upholding a culture of death. It is directly contrary to truth and love.

So, it’s not surprising Joe Biden would change his stands and values over time, when trends become popular with the Left. His political party is his religion. That’s what he’s most loyal to, as is the case with most Democrats. When it was time to support abortion, Ted Kennedy, Mario Cuomo, and Joe Biden fell in line. When it was time to support so-called same-sex marriage, Hillary, Obama, and Pelosi got on the train. When it became the trend to declare gender fluidity, they all followed the piper from hell like sheep to indignantly support chemical castration and sexual mutilation. Who can forget Biden’s awkward, “There’s at least three” genders comment to a young reporter during the 2020 campaign? Further, when socialists began calling the shots for the Party of Death, it was time for the fake Catholic president to tell the nation the era of big government has been reinstated.

As some liberal Democrats like Bill Maher, Sarah Silverman, and Naomi Wolf begin to wake up to the grand plan of tyranny that is unfolding at rapid speed, it may be too late to stop it. As a society we’ve given the Left too much power to deceive and manipulate the masses, and it seems only a divine intervention can stop the great tragedy that lies ahead. Only the prayers and actions of Biden’s feigned religion can stop the trajectory of the one he actually practices. It’s time for the Catholic Church to call out the Democrat Left with a loud and clear voice; and to refuse its present leader, the anti-Catholic Catholic in the White House, Holy Communion until he repents.

Paul is producer and host of Beneath the Surface video and radio podcasts, taught college philosophy & theology, and is a staff writer/producer for St. Michael’s Media. He’s also a singer-songwriter-musician on the side. Check out his website at, and e-mail Paul at