The Valley Patriot Hits a Milestone!



While most businesses in the United States fail within their first year, The Valley Patriot seems to have been a success from our very first edition.

In March of 2004, The Valley Patriot published our very first edition and most people were predicting our failure within six months. We printed up 2,000 papers that month with only 16 pages. This month The Valley Patriot reaches a milestone as we have increased our production to 10,000 papers and are now regularly printing 32 pages. We have also increased our coverage area from four cities and towns to twelve.

All of our success is due to the incredible support we have received from the business community since day one, not to mention the dedication of our readers and the community activists and officials who contribute material every month. We want to thank all of our advertisers, readers, contributors and supporters who have made us a great success in such a few short months.