They’re Coming to Lowell! Are Syrian “Refugees” A Terrorist Trojan Horse?



By: John MacDonald – April, 2016

For generations Lowell, Massachusetts has been a city in America that is known to willingly accept immigrants from around the world. Immigrants built the city, lived here and often became successful. Legal immigrants made huge positive contributions as they assimilated to the city and the United States of America. Over the last few years we have seen a new influx of immigrants come to the country with less of a desire to assimilate and with much more of an emphasis to bring their culture here and instead of integration, cluster into private pocket societies from wherever they originally came from. The United States immigration policies have become laxer and even accepting of illegal immigrants or just flat out ignoring the immigration laws that are already in place.

Now as the world has watched the Syrian refugee crisis spread across Europe and trickle into other parts of the world, we here in Lowell have been left with the question as to when our city must contribute to the settling of these new Syrian refugees? According to a local news source, one Syrian refugee family has already settled in Lowell and with only a two-week notice at some point, more Syrian refugees will arrive courtesy of the Federal government.

Folks, I am the son of a legal immigrant. I would not be here today if legal immigration to the United States did not exist. My father came from Canada legally in the 1960’s. Back in the 1960’s immigration and an opportunity to become a United States citizen did not come easily as it does today. You see the people who ran the government in those days, were much more responsible and dedicated to a vision of making American a better place. My father had to be sponsored by a citizen of the United States. He had to be gainfully employed, he had to pay his taxes and volunteer to serve his new country in the National Guard. Willingly and gratefully my father did his part. You will find no one prouder to be an American than my father. Since he took his oath of citizenship, my father worked hard for forty years, became a proud union man, got married, helped raise a family, retired and has voted in every local, state and federal election since.

Call me crazy if you wish, but because my father had to contribute to his new country and that citizenship didn’t come easily as it does today; as a result, he feels more connected, patriotic and proud of the United States. Unlike many who are coming here today illegally and some legally, those whom are given free benefits, benefits that people who are naturally born here don’t usually ever receive. People where nothing is asked from, nothing is asked for and nothing is contributed back to the country that is offering opportunity. Sorry for those with a bleeding heart… I think it’s wrong.

We have watched terrorism over the last couple of years explode in Europe, due to the influx of un-assimilated pro-Islamic immigrant populations. Now that we have seen regular terrorist attacks here in the United States and mostly from extremist Islamic terrorists; I must ask why we are going to be forced to welcome Syrian refugees into Lowell? Syrian refugees that are proven to have ties with terrorism and extremist pro-Islamic views. Why are we inviting Jihad to the United States and in Lowell? Why must we play Russian roulette with our lives and the lives of our children?

I know as some people read this they are saying… where’s your compassion? What about the children? Where’s the love? Aren’t you living in fear? Where is this coming from?

I say, what about the love of my family and yours? What about the safety of my family and yours? I ask why, because some of us want to act high minded and progressive that we should take un-necessary risks or fail to be cautious. That somehow in progressive circles that caution, safety and concern is racist, ignorant or un-American. That somehow wanting to peacefully watch a local marathon without fear of death is being a xenophobe.

You see folks, I don’t speak from an uneducated view of Islamic extremism. I lived with it for over six months, while serving my country in Saudi Arabia. I’ve seen extreme views; I’ve lived with extremists that wished to convert my fellow service members and me. I’ve looked into the eyes of Islam from the Middle Eastern point of view and know there is no room for negotiation when it comes to Allah and their perception of me… the infidel. I’ve seen and experienced things that I really don’t want my children or your children to have to experience as a civilian that I experienced with the might of the United States Military.

So I ask you the reader to consider something as we get closer to choosing the next President of the United States. Do you want someone in the Oval Office that is going to be the Good Shepherd or someone who will allow the wolves to terrorize the flock? Someone who will protect your children with strength or someone who is going to invite the wolves into your home under the auspices of progressive high mindedness? I ask you, the reader in the quiet towns of Westford or perhaps Andover, what happens when your local coffee shop is bombed? I know that you could ask the residents of San Bernardino, California how they feel. Oh, and I say how you have forgotten New York City, the Pennsylvania farmland and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. I never will forget.

Folks, I believe this is a time to accept reality and to accept that we live in a world of “it’s either us or them”. It’s our brains on the battlefield or theirs. Terrorism has taken root in the cities of Europe and yes, terrorism is here in the United States. We need to choose our next leaders wisely. We need to consider our choices and put pressure on those who would not grant our local police access to military grade equipment. We must challenge those who would allow undocumented illegals to drift in and out of our society at will. We must challenge those that would falsely accuse those of us who side with safety, protectionism and patriotism as racists, bigots or somehow in a bizarre interpretation of values… Un-American.

Finally, I challenge the reader. I challenge you to stand up for your family and your country. I say fight for your town, city, state and country. Be a patriot, be proud of your American values and know that there is no greater moment in American history to do so. Every citizen from every corner of the country must know what is at stake as a country. And what’s at stake for your own safety, soundness and existence itself…

Will you allow a Trojan Horse through the gates of Lowell?