By: Dr. Charles Ormsby – February, 2015

First and foremost, I hate innocent people being murdered.

Hopefully, even most Progressives will join me on that. Oh, I forget … they prefer to banish hate speech. So, I guess they don’t hate innocent people being murdered … or they do hate the murder of innocents, but they just can’t say it.
So, if asked their opinion of innocent people being murdered, do they just refuse to answer or do they lie? I’m sure glad I’m not a Progressive!

chuck2Hate is defined as the “intense or passionate dislike” of something.

Do Progressives not have an intense or passionate dislike for anything?

Of course they do. In fact they seem to have an intense dislike for many things.

Progressives passionately dislike anyone who is wealthy, especially those who have earned their wealth and who claim a right to it. They want the government to take the property of the wealthy by force – at the point of a gun if needed (taxes, the IRS, the police, etc. ; you get the picture).

Progressives have a passionate dislike for anyone who can prosper independent of the state and who wants to enjoy his individual liberties free of the statist controls the Progressives wish to impose.

Progressives share an intense dislike for those who claim the right to carry arms to defend themselves from anyone who would attack them or their family.

chuck3Progressives have an intense distaste for the Constitution. The Constitution is an inconvenient impediment to their programs that routinely violate the rights of those they seek to control.

Progressives experience a primordial rage when they think of the Tea Party. Why? Because Tea Party members respect those who work hard to create value, believe those who create value should own it, resist tax increases that exacerbate the state’s violation of property rights, believe in the sanctity of the individual, resist the violations of individual sovereignty caused by excessive regulations, support the rights of individuals to defend themselves and their families, and support the Constitution because it provides the legal foundation for protecting individual rights against government intrusion.

Progressives are definitely haters. They hate all these things. They hate the Tea Party.

chuck4But let’s not be unfair. The other side of hate is love, so Progressives are also lovers.

Progressives love taxes. They love government regulations. They love to steal the property of those who earned it. They love to tell others what they can and cannot do. They love people who will do what the government demands without questioning the government’s coercion. They love it when people are dependent on the state for their sustenance and their protection. They love any politician or judge that seeks to weaken or destroy the Constitution.

They love a president who ignores the Constitution and undermines it with his pen and his phone.

Progressives may not know it (although I believe many do), but they love fascism.

Progressives hate America, but they love tyranny.

chuck5All this brings me back to the original object of my hate: the murder of innocents. Progressives may think they share this hate, but the murder of innocents is precisely where their twisted philosophy leads. When such evil comes, they will deny responsibility, but they are responsible nevertheless.

Marx and Lenin may not have had murder as their fundamental goal, but they were primary contributors to the deaths of nearly 100 million innocents over the past century. Progressives, who are hardly proponents of “progress,” should contemplate the holocaust they are brewing.

Yes, I am a hater too because there are many things I intensely and passionately dislike. But that also makes me a over.

I love individual liberty which makes me hate tyranny and those that foster it.

chuck1I love the Constitution (especially as originally written) because it represents our best guard against the infringement of our liberties. I hate those who seek to destroy the Constitution either by ignoring its original intent or who seek to destroy its protections via amendments (as was done in 1913 with the 16th Amendment that established the income tax).

I love the Second Amendment because individual liberty, if it means anything, means that individuals have the right to defend their life and property. Prosecution of your murderer or the thief who stole your property is nice, but it doesn’t substitute for an effective protection of your life and property before they are taken from you. How do you think I feel about those who seek to deny individuals the right to defend themselves?

I love those who fight against the theft of private property by the state. Those who constantly support a greater confiscation of private property are enemies of individual liberty. Many of those who constantly support such theft are both uninformed and thoughtless. As a minimum, they are deserving of our distain. But being ignorant is a choice; they are not innocent unless they are truly imbeciles. As much as I would like to suggest otherwise, few Democrats are truly imbeciles

I love those who create value through persistent hard work, those who respect the property rights of others, those who support their families, and those who gift their own property voluntarily when they feel a charitable urge.

Those who glorify dependency and encourage others to become or remain parasites dependent on property stolen by the state, undermine the values that made America great and are responsible for our decline. The decline they are fostering will ultimately result in the destruction of America and may foreshadow the destruction of human liberty all across the globe.

Here’s a Rorschach test: Look at the nearby pictures of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Elizabeth Warren, and Hillary Clinton.

What emotion are you feeling?