Three Sacred Cows Attacked Only One Pays the Price ~ BENEATH THE SURFACE with PAUL MURANO

By: Paul Murano ~ June, 2018

Recently we experienced an unusual coincidence through the mass media. Three sacred cows of the left – racial minorities, women, and homosexuals – have been publicly offended by three women breaking the unwritten laws of the Progressive Manifesto, which are fiercely guarded by the PC police. These verbal attacks came from Rosanne Barr (race), Samantha Bee (sex), and Joy Reid (homosexuality), all of whom have established themselves as heroes to the regressive ‘progressive’ movement – one as an actress, one as a comedienne, and the other as a political commentator. One of the three, however, more recently came out as a Trump supporter and lost all her credibility with them. How did our leftist establishment media respond to three insulting politically incorrect gaffs? Was it with objective fairness, consistency, and reason? Was it with equal compassion and forgiveness across the board? Absolutely not. One woman was immediately dumped from her network while the other two remain hosting their shows relatively unscathed.

The establishment media loudly applauded ABC’s move to dump Rosanne immediately; yet, there has been public support for the other two ladies. This response demands the question: Is racism worse than sexism or homophobia? (I hate that last word, since fear has nothing to do with being morally opposed to unnatural behaviors.) Is that what we should take from this? Is there a hierarchy of value with each of these groups? Or perhaps these questions are too reasonable as a response to the progressive establishment’s justice system.

Let’s first do a quick thought experiment. Suppose it was Bee or Reid that made the racist remark while the Trump supporter Rosanne made the vulgar sexist quip. Would Rosanne still have her show? Would the other two ladies be fired with their careers and reputations destroyed? The answer is pretty obvious. What conclusion, then, can we take from this? It seems to indicate that it’s not so important what a person says, but rather who says it and against whom it is said. It seems, therefore, Samantha Bee of Comedy Central and Joy Reid of MSNBC got passes since they are still part of the Culture of death family, and, at least Bee’s remark was an attack against the right person – President Trump’s daughter.

While all three ladies violated the rules of the Dictatorship of Relativism, only one paid the price. This proves what we all already knew, that the end justifies the means on this ‘progressive’ march toward oblivion. Morality is subjective and situational, rendering civilized behavior an archaic idea of the past.

Consistency is a foreign concept since reason and logic have been rejected. What is important is power, and this power must be used to overthrow reality as it is, to replace it with what we declare it to be. This agenda begins with altering the language and continues with spreading the message, overtly and covertly, through the media and academia to mold a culture. Anyone getting in the way of this project – even if you were part of the family in the past – is mowed over.

Movements like this have popped up throughout history, and results have not been pretty. Whenever a people belligerently stand up to the Author of life and seek to dethrone Him by declaring reality to be as they desire it rather than what it actually is, only bad things happen. Any sane person can see the blatant hypocritical inconsistency in how the left has responded to these three women and their offensive remarks. In our post-sane era, however, this apparently does not matter.

Dr. Paul Murano teaches philosophy at Rivier University and North Shore Community College and hosts Beneath the Surface radio show on 980 WCAP. Paul has a doctorate in marital theology, is certified in bioethics by the NCBC, and teaches adult ed. at St. Patrick’s in Nashua. He is founder of Heartbeat Pregnancy Help in Burlington, and is a singer-songwriter-musician. E-mail Paul at