Time To Move on… Nearly Everyone Else Has

By: Duncan Burns – Feb. 2020.

There are now only 12 states with school mask mandates, 13 if New York appeals court ruling stands. Of course, all of these states are run by Democrats who apparently never want mandates to end.

This is in light of traditionally Democrat publications (i.e., The Atlantic, NPR) calling for the end of said mask mandates. The real irony here is that in many of these states, like Massachusetts, everything is open, most without mask mandates. Everyone, especially kids, can go to the movies, malls, grocery stores, all mask free, yet politicians, unelected bureaucrats, and so-called “experts” appear to want to mask forever.

It took nearly two (2) years for these same people to finally accept “the science” that cloth masks did nearly nothing, but this is what political echo-chambers create, a complete shutdown of discourse.
So, is this really about public health?

A mandate upon a demographic that even if is conceded are a vector, have the lowest adverse outcomes when it comes to COVID-19. This writer would argue it comes down to two things: Money and power. Aside from using a tyrannical power-by-diktat to cover a person’s face, the most recognizable image since the moment of birth, there’s also a lot of money involved. The Massachusetts Teacher Association (MTA) has deftly used the Massachusetts legal money laundering service: The Massachusetts State Lobby

Merrie Najimy, MTA’s President, and Max Page, Vice President of MTA, are registered lobbyists, and in 2020, they paid the various lobbies in MA just over $180K, who then disburse some of those monies to Legislators on Beacon Hill. In 2021, MTA went next level, with over $265K in state lobby spending. It’s no secret Merrie & Max want kids to remain abused behind forced mask mandates.

They’re spending the money to make sure of it. While direct donations to lobbyists are capped at $200 per candidate, they can also donate $200 to PAC’s, $191 to People’s Committees, $200 to the State Party Committee, $200 to Local Party Committee, and no limits on Ballot Question Committees. In 2021, including Merrie & Max, that was 14 lobbyists the MTA used to spread the money around to get what they want.

This should surprise no one, in a state with the most secretive state legislative, judicial, and executive branches of government in the nation. One of only five states that limits access to public records by the public, with the only remaining state house in the nation still closed to the public.

This is what The Massachusetts Democrat Party super-majority represents and brought to our homes with their mandates: Higher youth drug use, suicide, depression, and a myriad increase in other mental health issues. Your governing body, including Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, did this, and continues to abuse our kids & young adults.

When anyone ever says it’s not about the money when it comes to public policy, you know they’re lying. It’s always about the money, and who gets it. Chances are that money is never going to be spent on you or your family. Personal liberty, which Massachusetts falls in the bottom half of the country, is an afterthought.

This holds true to vaccine mandates as well, but that discussion, and the money surrounding it, is for another day (see prior Big Pharma piece on line). However, the money & corrupt politics that surround this one-way, super-majority state is yet another reason no one ever says:

“Let’s move to Massachusetts!” ◊